Saturday, August 21, 2010

First day of school…version “Elyn”

Today was Elyn’s first day of pre-school (sob!).  Elyn was NOT sad though.  She has been begging me to take her to school since Nora started last week.

Because of my new part-time job, I will be working several Mondays and Wednesdays each month-during the school day.  I needed a place that both girls could attend on M/W for the entire school day.  For Elyn, we chose Bentonville Christian Academy and we are so happy she is there!

Enjoying a bowl of oatmeal before Day 1.


Oh Nora.  She was sad this morning because it wasn’t her special day.  She was crying and sad that the world wasn’t revolving around her at every moment of the morning.  Geez.  (This is a picture of her pouting.)


Now, role-reversal.  Nora is happy to have her picture taken and Elyn is “Miss Shy”.  Such is life.


Once we got to school, she was EXCITED!  I took the first picture and then she said, “Take another Mommy, I want to do one with hips.” Ha!

 IMG_0030 elyn first day of school

Posing with teacher gift…tutorial coming soon.


Looking a little nervous here…we had just gotten inside the school building.


Elyn and Mrs. Danielle…great friend and director of BCA.


Elyn, backpack and lunchbox


Giving her teacher her gift.


Elyn and Miss M…Elyn is starting to look a little nervous


My girls.


After the last picture, I gave her a hug and a kiss and told her that I loved her.  She ignored me and played with the play-doh…I guess she was ready for me to leave.

When I picked her up she was a HOT MESS!  They had just come in from the playground and she was sweaty and red-faced…but she had a BLAST at school.  She could not quit talking about it.  I’m so glad that she did…makes the “mama guilt” a little less.


On a different note…I was at Target today, getting some last minute grocery shopping done before I went to pick up the girls.

I finished up a phone conversation while I was shopping and set my phone on top of my purse.  About 5 minutes later, I looked down at my phone to check the time and IT WAS MISSING!!!!

I retraced my steps immediately and went to customer service to see if someone had turned a phone in…nope.

My heart sank.  It had been stolen!  I was sick!

I have called Target and asked if it has been found 3 different times.  Nope.

I have gone by AT&T and erased the phone from our contract (and from my life).

I started crying after that and not really because I didn’t have my phone anymore (well, it was about that) but I just felt violated.

That phone had EVERYTHING in it.  I have no idea what I am supposed to do this next week, month, semester, because my calendar was on that phone.  Phone numbers, photos, books, grrrrrrrrrr.  I know that most of these things are saved on my computer from syncing it-but still, not everything.  I’m sad.

iphone_home Bye bye iPhone…I loved you, it was a great 8 months.


(Good news though….Matthew is eligible for an upgrade on Sunday.  He’s the best and I am going to use it….for a new iPhone.  It still won’t be the same though.)


Holly Aytes said...

So glad that Elyn loves school. Madison is the same way...she has been so sad that the other 2 have gone back but she still has another full week at home with daddy or grandparents! Sorry about your phone...that totally stinks! I was hoping you were going to say that it had slide off your purse and fallen and some nice person had turned it.

Anonymous said...


Janet said...

this has become such a common practice these days i became so angry last weekend when this thing happened to me i contacted this company and they recover my stolen identity info

~aj~ said...

I am hearing great things about BCA. I'm glad Elyn had such a great day!

Oh, and Adam is actually at Tucker Elementary (behind Fast Lanes). We live less than 5 minutes from Bellview, but we're just a bit too far south to be zoned for there. I don't guess you'll ever be working at Tucker, will you?

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