Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hi...I'm stressed and my clothes don't fit me


The other night, Matthew said to me, "Have you been losing weight? You look like you have lost weight."

I looked around to see who he was talking to. Um, it was me.

Obviously the paint fumes and all the hammering have been getting to him and impaired his vision.


Yep, gained.

It's true, love is blind.

I know for some, if the scale increased by 4 lbs they would go cut off an arm or leg...or do something really drastic and workout or count calories.

I am beyond stressed and when I get stressed, I EAT CRAP. (and it tastes good!)

Guess what Matthew does? Yep, you got it...he loses weight.

I feel like I spend my entire day in the car shuffling my family place to place. If I am not doing something productive during the day-like clean the new house, pack the old house, peel wallpaper, shop for new house, clean old house, go to the store-I am wasting my time. At night I feel guilty when I sitting down working on my school stuff instead of packing (or cleaning). If I am not spending my time with the girls playing or being creative I feel guilty because, that's my job, right?

Obviously, I eat. Obviously.

We had scheduled our move-in date to be this coming weekend BUT that is not going to happen. All of our flooring is not going to be in and our master bedroom is still a long way from being done. We think that will be completely moved in by the middle of September at this point.

I know, sob story. Really, this stress that I'm feeling is so minimal in the grand scheme.

Are we so blessed that we are able to stay in our old house while we renovate our new one? ABSOLUTELY! We are not having to pack twice.

Are we so blessed that we are all four healthy? DEFINITELY!

I am so thankful for Matthew and for his attitude and energy and so thankful that I love him more than I did before all the craziness began (I know, crazy).

I just needed to write about my stress and when you see me and think to yourself, "Wow, she is getting more plump", well, you are correct. Congratulations.

Now, pass me a donut.


~aj~ said...

Pass them my way too. I thought I'd for sure have lost my baby weight by now. Nope, instead I weigh more than I did when I got home from the hospital after having Titus. Lovely.

It will be such a relief for you when you are in your new place. And the 'not packing twice' thing is SUCH a blessing. We were willing to do anything to avoid that nightmare!

Suzanne said...

omg dallas...woman, you are hilarious! i seriously snorted at the last couple of sentences. i love your humor.

hope you can de-stress SOON and that you will move into your awesome new home!!!


mimi sharon said...

You are an amazing young woman with an incredible husband. Give yourself a break. And aren't we glad love is blind.

Deborah said...

Four pounds?! That's what I gain after I finish my Route 44 every day.

Cut yourself some slack. Moving, in combination with the start of a school year (for your WHOLE family!) is quite stressful. If a donut gives you that little moment of bliss...go for it. Munch on some celery after you've moved and settled in. That's my advice, and I'm stickin' to it!

Marty Rhea Hill said...

Hahahahahahahahaha!!! I love you!

Amy said...

I don't want to even think about what all I've eaten while stressing about Luke starting kindergarten.

Tesney said...

It's moving. I gained several lbs when we moved. They came off after we got settled in and stopped eating out every meal! :) Also, I am a firm believer in cortisol making you gain wait (and so is my endocrinologist, who is a genius) if you're've got extra've got weight gain! My friend Jenny and I always joke about that when we're stressed...we look at each other and say, "BELLY FAT!"

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