Thursday, August 12, 2010

Not the best showing from MYSELF today

Okay, it has been a while since HONESTY crept into this blog. And honestly (sorry), that is one of my favorite things about my blog.

Today had highs and lows...low lows.

I did not have my most patient day of motherhood today. Every now and then Elyn will become demon possessed. Out of NO WHERE she isn't crazy about my disciplining and let's me know about it.


Today was one of those days. She was whining (oh my goodness, the never ends) and wanting me to hold her. I was trying to get some clothes on (forget the shower, that was NOT happening) and haven't quite figured out how to put all of my clothes on while holding an almost three-year-old.

I asked her to please wait. More whining. I send her to her room.

She LOSES it-completely.

I thought my head was going to explode. I may have also had a small demon possession as well.

With Nora, when she freaked out, I could close her bedroom door and ignore the tantrum. Not with Elyn.

I close the door and she immediately opens it. I lock the door, she finds things to throw at the door. It's awesome.

When she starts the throwing I start the blood boiling. It's definitely not a win-win situation.


I just do not understand her. This is NOT her personality. She is not a drama girl...that is her older sister. It truly is a new personality that takes over her little body.

Anyway, I had to apologize to both girls after the demon possession. I apologized to Elyn for not talking kindly and to Nora for how I reacted to Elyn. Motherhood is not for cowards or for people who don't like to say they are sorry (I used to be the latter).

Oh, and during this little escapade, I did not get my clothes put on. That happened while I was holding an almost three-year-old...yep, it can be done.

The day improved a tremendously after that. We went to the pool and spent three hours swimming and playing.

THEN, we went to our new house to drop off a toilet I had purchased today and I walked in and started getting a little overwhelmed. (Which makes no sense because I have not done very much work, there is no need for me to be overwhelmed...that is Matthew's department).

THEN, we came back to our old house (where we still live) and I started getting REALLY overwhelmed. Guess how much I have packed?


I swear I'm not procrastinating. I cannot remember the last time we spent an entire day at home. I cannot remember the last time when I had a free morning or afternoon to pack.

I have been working this month (5 full days of professional development) and that has consumed a good deal of my time. I have enjoyed it and enjoyed preparing for it, it's just put a hamper on my packing.

I need to have a goal-that is the ONLY way I am going to gain motivation at this point (because really, I just want to leave everything for the new owners and buy all new...not going to happen).

Here is the schedule:
*Friday morning-clean house (for the first time in about 4 weeks..I know, gross. Quit judging.) Friday night-painting party with wonderful friends.
*Saturday morning/afternoon-pack utility room/kitchen (cookbooks, never used dishes, etc)/craft closet
*Sunday-church and pack living room (pictures, knick knacks, etc)
*Monday-take Nora to school, take Elyn to Lowe's to pick out things, pack books in garage, pick Nora up from school and take both girls to MIL's house
*Tuesday-attend "teacher fair" from 6:45-9:00am, go back home and clean out/pack playroom until it is time to pick up girls...I plan to make a lot of progress this day in the purging dept.
*Wednesday-drop Nora off at school, take load of stuff to new house, eat lunch with friend, shop for things for new house, pick up Nora
*Thursday-take loads of boxes and things to new house
*Friday-Elyn's first day of school/pack closets/HAIRCUT and HIGHLIGHTS/pick up girls from school
*Saturday and Sunday-work with husband on cleaning out attic/garage
*Monday-jury duty (YES, jury duty) and sister drop off girls at school and pack my house...they're the best!
*Tuesday-take loads to new house and teach first class at Harding
*Wednesday-friend coming over to help pack (bless her!)
*Thursday-take loads to new house
*Friday and Saturday-MOVING!
*Sunday, Monday and Tuesday-Clean old house and shed a few tears before moving to NEW HOUSE!

Phew. Now that I have a schedule and a plan maybe I'll be a better mommy and a much better wife.

I hope so!


Anonymous said...

Subtlety is better than force. ......................................................................

TeamBortzfield said...

at least you have a plan, you can do it!

Ashley said...

I hope you don't get stuck on a jury that is going to have a trial lasting a few months. The demon thing... it happens to the best of us, D. My mom took the kids last night, and I was just so tired of whining and bickering yesterday that I didn't know what I would do.

Whitney said...

Okay, Austin is like Elyn- it is so not his personality either. But recently he whines a lot, is super clingy, and pitches BIG nasty fits when he doesn't get his way. In the mall the other day (after we had gone up & down the escalator at least 20 times- seriously) he threw a fit because we were leaving. He was screaming at the top of his lungs, throwing his shoes, pulling my hair, hitting me in the face- I was like WHAT THE $*&! And I really struggle sometimes and have those bad mommy moments too. You are not alone!

Hope you get some packing done! Good schedule- busy, but definitely a plan!

Anonymous said...


davidsonsonsonson said...

I really like reading this post and I am very happy that you posted it on this blog...

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