Friday, August 06, 2010


So, there is progress on our house….and here is some evidence.

Matthew (and friends) moved a doorway so that we could have kitchen cabinets. pretty necessary.

IMG_0080 IMG_0081

I don’t know what this is a picture of…I guess I thought it was important. Here it is.


Here are “friends” framing out the new pantry and washer/dryer area.

IMG_0083 IMG_0084

Here is the area where the little cubbies for backpacks and pink coats are going. I’m sure that this area will also hold a substantial amount of JUNK.


Thanks to Michael, our back deck is now child friendly.


CAN LIGHTS!!!!!! Matthew has informed me numerous times that because I desired can lights instead of track lighting (NO THANK YOU), I have increased our lighting/dry wall budget. Guess what…I don’t care. They look fab and Matthew has done a GREAT job repairing the many holes in the ceiling (along with Michael).

IMG_0087 IMG_0088

Apparently this is Elyn’s favorite place to pose in our new home. The enormous spindles are gone…YEA!!! Little spindles still to paint and carpet to rip up. Check out Elyn’s legs….that is because the entire place is covered in dust from all the mudding and sanding.

IMG_0089 IMG_0090

Sweet girls. Trying to keep them free from nails and possible tetanus shots.


Matthew starts school on Thursday. Think he’s feeling a teeny amount of pressure to get the big things done by then…um, yes, he is. Our hope is to move our stuff in by the end of August. The next 24 days are going to be crazy and busy and tiring.

But, then, we’ll be done. And in our new home. yea!

Tomorrow is supposed to be “painting day” and I get to help! Finally.

Hopefully we like the paint. Because it will be sad if we don’t. Very sad.


Whitney said...

So good so far! You guys have made a lot of progress & I can't wait to see what you get done in the next few weeks!

Nicola said...

I sure wish I was around to help. I learned how to install "can" lights (we call them pot lights up here... crazy canadians we are), and I beat the boys in the little competition we had. Anyway, good call on getting them! You're making great progress; I'm enjoying the updates!

Keisha said...

Wow! can tell Matthew I have my room pretty much done so I can do a lot of the team junk on our work day.

mimi sharon said...

I'm so proud of younand your talented Matthew, looks like you're going to make your deadline with all those great friends. Can't wait to see the finished house.

Anonymous said...


Brad, Amy & Sadie said...

I am so impressed with you and your hubby for taking on such projects and completing them on your own! Can I sway you to come to LR to do a flooring job in our house??? Since you'll be done at the end of August and will just be itching for a new project... ;)

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