Sunday, August 15, 2010

What a weekend!

We feel like this has been a productive weekend…thank goodness, right!?! (And while I am writing this, Hoarders (on TLC) is on the TV and I am sure that this will encourage me to be even more productive…this show INSPIRES to me to own NOTHING.)

Friday night we had some friends over for a painting “party”. It wasn’t exactly a party atmosphere, but a few laughs were had. And, more importantly, we got some work done!

Here are our friends…

Allan, the master ceiling painter, I think that is all he did Friday night.


Betsy and Keasha pulling wall paper off of the master bedroom…the pictures were taken while most everyone was in the master bedroom because the electricity was out in some of the other bedrooms due to ceiling fans being installed.


Jasmine, pulling wallpaper. Poor Jasmine, this is the corner she stayed in the whole time she was there.


Tanya and Amber


Chad (Betsy’s husband), reaching the tall portions


Danielle and Jeff…painting a room pink and installing a ceiling fan.


I didn’t get a picture of Matthew, Michael and Josh. They were downstairs installing new windows. Our house already looks so different!

The next morning, we loaded the girls up and went back over to the new house to do some additional painting. They were pretty good little helpers too.

IMG_0104 IMG_0105

As of right now (in painting terms), we have to paint the entry and hall with a second coat of paint and paint the playroom (already been primed). We decided today that we just don’t think we are going to kill ourselves to get the master bedroom finished before we move in. Matthew and I can sleep in the office until our bedroom is complete. We are also wanting to demolish our bathroom and renovate, so it makes sense to not get our bedroom finished if we’re only going to ruin portions of it again. We have goals before we move in…here they are…

  • have carpet installed
  • put hardwood flooring in
  • have kitchen installed (should happen Tuesday or Wednesday-fingers crossed!)
  • have appliances installed
  • get the rest of the new windows installed
  • finish the painting
  • change the toilet out in girls bathroom
  • get 1/2 bath done (we didn’t actually discuss this one-i just added it)

What will happen after taking residence…

  • replace all interior door
  • install moldings and trim work
  • work on master bedroom/bathroom
  • power wash deck
  • power wash exterior and paint (when it’s not 489 degrees outside)
  • re-landscape
  • revamp staircase
  • finish utility room
  • work on girls bathroom (mostly cosmetic)

Easy, right? I’m tired after writing that. It will all happen though!

The weekend wasn’t all work though! We had some fun too.

Our church, our new church, had a “Grand Opening” this weekend. Last night was the Launch (or as Nora and Elyn called it, the carnival).

It was very exciting for all the kids even though the temps were pushing 100.

Thankfully, some of the fun happened indoors…

IMG_0107 IMG_0109 IMG_0111IMG_0116 IMG_0112 IMG_0117

There was a clown there, and typically, I’m not the biggest fans of clowns (because they are CREEPY…amen?). But this one, “Twisty” the clown, she was great! She was a master face-painter and an average balloon twister. I think she should change her name from “Twisty” to “Painty”. I’m really good at naming people.

IMG_0113 IMG_0119

Elyn has a fear of clowns too, apparently. She did not want to go near Twisty. I basically forced her to sit in my lap and get painted. She refused to have her face painted and settled on a leg design.

IMG_0120 IMG_0123



Nora didn’t want a face painting either. She wanted a pink kitty cat. It looked like a dog, but Twisty drew whiskers on it. Very average balloon twister.


After the face painting and balloon twisting, Matthew and the girls headed out in to the middle of the sun temps.

IMG_0127 IMG_0129 IMG_0131

Check out how red their faces are…


Gibson had gotten her face painted…well, that was all the peer pressure Nora needed to make her decide she wanted it done too. Amber was kind enough to stand in line with Nora for about 30 minutes before I showed up and took over the last 20 minutes of standing. And this is why “Twisty” should be named “Painty”…

IMG_0482 IMG_0489 IMG_0491

On Thursday, I posted this:

Here is the schedule:
*Friday morning-clean house (for the first time in about 4 weeks..I know, gross. Quit judging.) Friday night-painting party with wonderful friends.
*Saturday morning/afternoon-pack utility room/kitchen (cookbooks, never used dishes, etc)/craft closet
*Sunday-church and pack living room (pictures, knick knacks, etc)

You’ll be happy to know that I did clean Friday (hallelujah!), had the painting party, packed most of the utility room, a lot of the kitchen, 3/4 of the craft closet and all of the pictures/knick knacks in the living room.

Here are the first 6 boxes I packed:


I have delivered about 13 boxes to the new house along with several large pictures.

PROGRESS!!!!!!! It feels great! I can see a tiny light at the end of the tunnel.

My blog will probably consist of “house genre” for the next few weeks. Because that is about all we can think about.

Thanks for being interested.


Ashley said...

Great, Dallas. You are moving right along. I can't believe everything you have been able to do and with no family local. It is really hard to do things with kids around. Love the progress.

Holly Aytes said...

After Matt and I painted the outside of my grandparents house last week in the 489 degree weather I will tell you what a great decision you have made to wait on that! Matt said if we ever paint the outside of a house again it will be in February :) I agree with him 100%! Hope things to well this are making lots of progress and I can't wait to see some "after" pictures!

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