Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall Night

Tonight was GORGEOUS out, so while I was fixing dinner Matthew and the girls spent some time in the back yard.

By the time I was ready with dinner, they had started a fire in the fire pit with a promise from daddy that they could roast marshmallows afterwards.

Elyn has not been feeling well (her teeth have been hurting her, we’re going to the dentist tomorrow) so she was a little grumpy.  That didn’t stop her from wanting marshmallows though.


Nora was pretty excited!  Especially since we found two wire hangers that managed to make the move with us.



Getting the fire ready for the marshmallows…


IMG_0007 IMG_0008

The look on Elyn’s face is cracking me up!  It’s like she is saying, “Hey mom…are you sure about this?  Does Daddy even know what he is doing?”


Then my camera died.  Oh well, at least I am taking and putting pictures on my blog again-right?

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