Sunday, October 03, 2010

finding things

I cannot find my card reader to download my pictures from this weekend...grrrrrrr. Hopefully soon. I want to blog about Elyn's birthday party and Nora's soccer. Does anyone still even read this blog? If so, bless you, I have definitely been absent lately!

Our house is slowly coming along. I should post some pictures. I'm hoping that our utility room will get finished this week/weekend! That would be a huge accomplishment!

I don't know if it's my age or what but I cannot remember anything lately. We went shopping after church today for some new bedding and I couldn't remember my PIN number 3 different times. I've only had that PIN number for about 6 years-geez. Good news, I finally remembered it.

We had small group at our house tonight. It's a new small group and Matthew and I were talking about how great it is to be around these new families. They are already blessing our lives!

My sister is coming to our house tomorrow. She is driving a U-Haul. She is bringing a piano, some outdoor furniture, other odds and ends and our new beds!

Our new twin beds. I don't know if you remember or not, but our queen boxsprings would not fit up our stairs (the joys of an old house). We have been sleeping on our queen mattress (which we shoved up) onto of plywood in our queen frame. The plywood is starting to sink and we are also starting to sink. Not an ideal sleeping situation. So, we are taking the twin beds, shoving them together and getting a king.

One of our shopping errands today was to get a king memory foam topper to put on the beds. We also got king sheets and a new king blanket. I still need to get a covering and shams. I found one that I really liked today at TJ Maxx, but they only had it in queen. Bummer.

I have a pretty busy week coming up (but, lately, they are all busy!). I keep waiting for a week when it is all going to slow down and go back to normal. I haven't experienced that yet. But, with our busyness comes tremendous blessings. The girls love their schools and I am enjoying the work that I am getting to do as well.

Matthew has a birthday this week! I love the our house it means football, beautiful weather and birthdays.

Speaking of birthdays, Elyn had hers on Friday and Nora has been sad all weekend that it is not all about her. It is driving us crazy! Are all kids this way? We have really been talking to her about her attitude and heart. Hopefully this is just a phase.

Okay, I need to go pack lunches and lay out clothes...never ending.


Deborah said...

I loved your post about Elyn turning three!

And, congrats on the king-sized bed--even if it is coming in a very unconventional way!!

Looking forward to seeing pictures of your ever-changing house!

Holly Aytes said...

I think lots of people are absent from blogging lately. Don't know if it is from lack of blogging material or just business. I would love a king sized would make sleeping in it with multiple people in it easier :) Can't wait to see pictures!

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