Sunday, November 07, 2010

Kitchen/Family Room progress

Despite the lack of pictures on my blog regarding our house, we have still been working on it.

The progress has been painfully slow mostly because we have actual jobs and children and LIFE that has slowed things down.

Matthew has been a workhorse when he has time and I have been pretty much useless because of the human I am growing. It is difficult because we (we=Matthew) really only has time to work on the weekends.

Sad story, huh. Feel free to come and help out whenever you get a few free moments of your own.

Now on to the progress. Here are some before pictures, pictures of what we saw when we decided to buy the house…we are a little crazy.

IMG_0058_0278 IMG_0061_0281 IMG_0062_0282 IMG_0063_0283 IMG_0064_0284 IMG_0105_0325

And here are some pictures from tonight. Disclaimer: we are definitely still in progress. You will see that none of our windows or doors are trimmed out (and I have been BEGGING for wood and trim around both so that we can have window treatments and door knobs). The doors still need to be painted. We have no mouldings yet. I made no attempt to “stage” the room, as you will see. And I have clutter scattered about. Enjoy.

Our new backsplash. I actually assisted in this project with the grout. I know, I should be on HGTV.


The view of the family room.


Few of the kitchen from the family room.


Another view.


Me standing on the hearth of the fireplace.


So, there you go…some progress. And people, there is so much more to go. Our upstairs…oh my goodness. I can’t even go there, it’s pretty bad. Some day I’ll take pictures.

We are getting the outside of our house painted this week. We are pretty excited about this. The weather is supposed to be pretty so it’s now or never. I will be sure and post pictures of that progress.

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