Friday, November 12, 2010

a rockin’ Friday night

Wow.  We are having a crazy Friday night around here.

Matthew is at a school function being a ref for an 8th grade Friday Fun Night.

The girls have been in bed since 8:15 pm.

I spent the evening doing dishes, ironing and doing a little sewing.

Now I am sitting on the couch, trying to come up with some lame post to meet my goal of 30 posts in 30 days and watching shows on the DVR.

Wow.  Big night here!

I hope your Friday night is almost as exciting as ours.  Good luck with that.

1 comment:

Holly Aytes said...

Sounds like our Friday nights....last night all 3 kids were gone spending the night in various places and at 8:30 I told Matt "isn't this is is 8:30 and all I want to do is go to bed"! Boy are we living it up :)

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