Saturday, December 04, 2010

Cindy Lou Who

Nora was in the Bentonville Christmas parade this morning.   Well, Elyn and I were also in it, but we just wore heavy coats, hats and gloves.

Nora played a more significant role….and it just about killed us all!


There they are, The Grinch (played by our friend, Josh) and Cindy Lou Who.

She had a cute black and white dress underneath the red cape, but it was important that she wore her pink coat so she did not walk away from the parade with hypothermia.

But, let’s get to the traumatic part of the day.

When we were telling Nora about what she was going to look like this morning, the tears immediately started when she saw the hair.  Grrrrrrr.

We assured her over and over and over and over and over about how everyone would say how cute she was and how she looked just like Cindy Lou Who.

Didn’t help.

Needless to say, Matthew and I had very high blood pressures after listening to the crying for over an hour.  It was rough.  We probably did not win parents of the year after this morning.  But she WOULD NOT STOP crying.

Matthew told me later that he felt bad because basically we were asking to go out and humiliate herself (according to her way of thinking).  I did not feel bad.  I told him that she has to learn to trust us and learn that we are never going to allow her to do something that we know will embarrass herself.

Guess what?  EVERYONE told her how cute she was and how good she looked and they LOVED her hair!!!!

I guess we knew what we were talking about.

I did feel bad that she cried hysterically.  I felt bad for ME.  I cannot imagine her teenage years.  I will definitely need a good therapist and a good medication.

Any ideas on how to reason with a dramatic 4 year old.  Because I will take them!

And feel free, next time you see her, to tell her how cute she was…because she really was a cute Cindy Lou Who!


Holly Aytes said...

She looks adorable! We too have a very dramatic 5 yr old (as well as a 10 yr old) so I can't impart any wisdom...I am seeking that wisdom as well :) If you get any good advice please share with everyone else!

Karie said...

I know a good therapist!!

Hello blog buddies! It's me, Crouse! said...

Dallas, you are so funny!!! That is so true - and she did look precious. I guess I will be dragging down the 50 tubs of precious girl baby clothes that I was saving for the "Molly" I will never have! When is your ultrasound? Let me know - I have baby Uggs that need someone to love them :0)

Sarah said...

Nora looks awesome!

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