Sunday, December 12, 2010

House and baby updates

Well, things are moving along on our house. I have no pictures right now so therefore you will see none.

Matthew ripped out the rest of our master bathroom this afternoon (no nap for the girls due to the construction sounds). It is now ready to be framed out and plumbed! Yea!

This is our last MAJOR renovation to be done on the house. Eventually we would like to put a master bedroom on the lower level of the house, but that is going to have to be done later-like a few years later.

We still have all of the trim to put up. Matthew has 150 boards that are painted and waiting to be nailed into place, sitting in our garage. He's about to have two weeks at home and hopes to get several of these jobs knocked out.

We had the outside of our house painted a few weeks ago...what a difference that made! It looks so much cleaner! Matthew still needs to paint the trim boards but that probably won't happen until the temps rise about 50 degrees.

We done ZERO decorating (well, other than setting things out for Christmas). I don't have any family pictures put out, no knick-knacks sitting around, no special memories having a special home to sit. All of this lack of decor has made me realize that I really don't need much stuff. I have several boxes that still have not been opened! Maybe I should do something crazy and just get rid of them! (probably not going to happen though.)

Ok, on the baby front.

I am about 17.5 weeks along and gaining weight admirably. Ha ha! I read these comments on Facebook or on other blogs that go something like this "I am 28 weeks today and have only gained 5 pounds. I still am in all pre-pregnancy clothes! Awesome!"

Yeah, awesome.

The funny thing is that I don't even feel like I am eating more than I normally do, I'm just gaining weight faster than I normally do.

Oh well. I'm healthy, happy and am actually wearing pre-pregnancy clothes today.

I had a doctor's appointment last week. I took the girls with me. They were so excited to hear the heartbeat. They think it's really funny when I mimic the sound of the heartbeat.

I have been feeling the baby move some, mostly at night and when I FINALLY sit down. I'll be so excited when the girls can feel the baby move.

Nora has come up with some names for the baby. If it's a girl she is pretty consistent on wanting to name the baby Rebecca. If it's a boy (and she really hopes it is!) then she has a long list of names going: Mark, Sam, Moses, Buddy, Harper (which I told her was a girl name), Isaac...the list goes on.

Elyn wants to name the baby Sally. That's it.

We are supposed to have our ultrasound appointment on the 28th of this month. First of all, the weigh in should be interesting...3 days after Christmas-yea. We are ready to find out what this baby might be (I still think girl). Mostly I am eager to find out if he/she is healthy!

Maybe next time I'll have pictures of our progress.

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