Monday, December 06, 2010

Thanksgiving-part one…the babies

So, let’s back up and do all things Thanksgiving.

My cousin, Jill, had her twin babies on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Both girls were tee-tiny when they were born (Bristol Mae-5 pounds,9 ounces; Berkley Micah-3 pounds, 15 ounces). They had to spend a few days in the NICU growing big enough to go home. They were perfectly healthy, never needing any oxygen or anything life saving. They both did have a feeding tube for about a week. Last night though, Jill and Jarod got to take home their little Thanksgiving Blessings for the first time and spend the night together….hopefully a little rest was had by all!

Here are some pictures of the cuties:

Bristol and Jill

IMG_0027 IMG_0028

We went up to the NICU on Thanksgiving night and got to hold the precious girls!

Me getting Bristol…yeah, I’m a little excited!

IMG_0032 IMG_0038 IMG_0039

Sweet tiny Berkley…

IMG_0040 IMG_0047

Marty, me and my mom with Berkley

IMG_0049 IMG_0050 IMG_0051

They are sweet little girls and holding them made me want a baby of my own :). Just a few more months!

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Sarah said...

They are cute! As a NICU nurse I have to say...Where are your gowns?!

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