Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Thanksgiving-part three…the gingerbread house

Every year, since before I can remember, we have had a gingerbread house during the holiday season. My grandparents started the tradition with us when I was a little older than Nora (or maybe the same age…who knows).

Now, when we go to my mom’s house at Thanksgiving, she continues the tradition (and when we are at Matthew’s family for Thanksgiving…I force everyone to continue it).

Nora and Elyn were very excited this year about decorating the house! They insisted on counting all of the candies while waiting for everyone else to finish up dinner (which I made them eat BEFORE decorating the house. I knew that after consuming 6 pounds of candy during the decorating they would not be wanting to eat anything healthy afterwards…I’m so mean).


Then, finally, the decorating began!

IMG_0105 IMG_0106

And quite a bit of eating…


McKayla and her big brother, Trooper, also decorated a gingerbread house.


Here is my side…I know, I’m an artist.


What the girls did…

IMG_0113 IMG_0115

I have never seen so much candy put on a gingerbread house before!


group shot


The gingerbread house made it home with us but was thrown away soon after. Why? While at my mom’s house, the little sugar ants discovered the utopia of sugar. My mom sprayed the house with ant spray before sending it home with us. I have had to stop Elyn about 5 different times from taking the poisonous candy off and eating it. I decided that I would rather throw it away than make an ER visit.

It was pretty!

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Brad, Amy & Sadie said...

Yay! So fun. I remember decorating gingerbread houses when I was little. I am such a terrbile mommy! Sadie has yet to do one. I'll have to get one to make this year! Thanks for the reminder!

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