Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Thanksgiving-part two…the dolls

My mom decided that she wanted to take the girls to the American Girl Doll store in Dallas while we were in Texas for Thanksgiving.  I was hesitant at first, I wanted them to both be a little older before they got sucked into the madness, but decided, hey, why not.

This is Nora’s face when we first walked into the store…


So, after seeing that, I’m really glad we went!

The first thing on the agenda was lunch.  Since we hadn’t purchased any dolls yet, the girls were able to use “loaner” dolls to accompany them to lunch.

 IMG_0055 IMG_0056

My step-father’s daughter-in-law and her daughter, McKayla, also got to join in on the fun!


The girls and their loaner dolls at lunch…

 IMG_0058 IMG_0059

Elyn wanted a picture of JUST her doll and one of her and her doll.  I think her favorite part were the curls on the doll.

IMG_0060 IMG_0061

After eating, we headed down to the store, where each real little girl got to pick out a pretend little girl to take home…I love how happy McKayla is in this picture!  Nora and Elyn have both loved their girls (named Rosanna (Nora’s doll) and Sally (Elyn’s doll)…they chose the names) since we have gotten home and play with them all the time!


While we were out, we decided to head over to the Galleria (next door) and do a little shopping.  The mall was CUH-RAY-ZEEE!  It was the day after Thanksgiving and the mall was packed.  We had three little girls, four adults and a million shopping bags.  I was worn out (and I know, Angel, McKayla’s mama was too)!  It is not an easy task keeping track of everything.  But, we made it.

While at the Galleria, we ran into Santa!  Love wasn’t shared by everyone though…

Nora loved him and proudly told him what she wants for Christmas!


McKayla hated him…


and so did Elyn!


What Elyn doesn’t realize though is that she will be revisiting the jolly guy in a few days.  I need a picture of the girls together and Nora has written a letter for him that she needs to get into his hands!

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Holly Aytes said...

Madison will be getting her first AG doll for Christmas. She has the Bitty Baby but is just now getting into the older dolls! You are a brave momma for going to a mall with your kids the day after Thanksgiving! I don't even go by myself! Madison hated Santa up until last year...she had turned 4 earlier in the year. Any pics done with the big guy before that had her either crying or asleep! Yes, I laid a sleeping Madison in Santa's lap one year and prayed she wouldn't wake up and be traumatized!

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