Saturday, January 01, 2011

1.1.11 (and the eve of it)

As mentioned in my last post, we went to a hotel last night to ring in the new year (and fyi, we were all SOUND ASLEEP by 11:30 last night…we are big party animals).

As part of my resolution, I took several pictures of our adventure.

When we first got to the hotel, the girls immediately changed into their swimsuits.  Here they are watching a little bit of “Back to the Future” before heading down.


We only had to share the pool with one other family, so there was lots of room to spread out!

Nora loves the water and is a pretty good swimmer although it takes her a while to gain her confidence back between times in the pool.  An indoor pool would really benefit us!


Am I the only person that can’t float?  I sink straight to the bottom when I try and float.  Nora is a great floater though!  She floated like this for quite a while


Elyn is a great swimmer too…with floaties.  I hope she ends up loving to swim (on her own) as much as Nora does.  We’ll find out this summer when she begins her first hardcore swim lessons.


One, two, three….jump!



Warming up in the hot tub


In keeping with our “vacation” mindset, we chose a restaurant to eat at that we had never been to before.  It was like we were in a completely different city.  I’m glad we chose this place to eat on our vacation…we’ll probably never go again-ha!  It’s pretty much like every other Chinese buffet.


When we got back to the room, we put on our p.j’s and played a few games of Uno.  It was the girls first time to ever play.  Nora did a great job and Elyn just scattered the cards everywhere.  No one is counting, but I won every game.


After Uno, the girls got in bed and watched a movie…


Well, Nora watched the movie…Elyn kept telling us she was hungry and refused to lay down.


We woke up later this morning and headed for our breakfast.  After breakfast, we headed back to the pool and then came back to the room to watch a little of the Rose Bowl parade.


We got home and rested and watched football pretty much the rest of the day.  It’s been great!  We did eat our black eyed peas, corn bread and salmon patties for dinner and Matthew taught the girls how to play dominoes.  (And yes, Matthew is wearing a TCU sweatshirt.  It was Christmas present from my mom.  We proudly wore our purple today as we watched the horned frogs win the Rose Bowl.)


It has been a great first day of 2011!  I am so sad that our vacation is almost over.  We are going to have to start setting alarm clocks, making lunches and doing work…sigh.  Why can’t it be Christmas Break all the time?

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