Tuesday, January 25, 2011

making room in my schedule

I went to the doctor this morning for my 24 week visit. It was a great time.

I found out that I have gained PLENTY of weight, no need to worry about this little bambino getting enough nutrients.

I had to take Nora and Elyn with me this morning, which really is a non-issue. They are pretty well-behaved and are typically fascinated by all things "doctor". They love to hear Rives heartbeat with the doppler, they think the sound is funny.

Today was a first for them though...they were able to witness how a urine specimen is collected. And they thought is was HILARIOUS!!!!!!! I'm pretty sure they will beg to go back to each and every appointment with me just for the "going potty in the cup" portion of the visit. When Matthew got home from school today that was the first event from our day that Nora told him about-ha!

I mentioned to the doctor about my back pain. He didn't feel as bad for me as I would have liked for him to feel.

He did say that I am probably going to need physical therapy or a chiropractor...I'm looking for the less expensive of the two. My sister-in-law had a recent issue with her pregnancy and swears by PT...claims it has cured her. I'm leaning in that direction.

It's funny, I am wondering where I am going to find room in my schedule for therapy, it's already pretty full. However, if my doctor's advice would have been a weekly massage or a weekly mani/pedi, I would be inventing room in my calendar-ha!

I'm just thankful that the girls were able to hear the very strong heartbeat of their baby brother...and they laughed.


TeamBortzfield said...

I have tee tee'd in lots of cups. Never was it so hard to "collect" as when I was very pregnant. Hard to bend and balance.
Hope your back feels lots better quick.

Kimberly said...

I am so glad your dr. suggested the physical therapy because that is what I had to do during my 3rd pregnancy. Someone had told me in the past about how your insurance will cover weekly massages for back pain but I never had severe enough pain to look into it until my last pregnancy. I started hurting around the same time you are as well. It was sciatica nerve pain but eventually went away when the baby moved farther into the pregnancy. However, I enjoyed my weekly massages, got a back brace to wear, and got relief (even if it was just for the moment) thanks to the pt. The best thing: it was all covered by my insurance! Now that is a good perk! Hope you feel better soon! Its never easy to rest with 2 to chase after but I hope you are able to do so somehow!

Nicola said...

The last few weeks of my last pregnancy I had quite a bit of uterine strain, so I mentioned it to my doctor. His reply, "well, no one ever said the last half of pregnancy would be comfortable." I'm pretty sure he read the dirty look on my face appropriately! Here's hoping yours has a little more tact!

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