Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow, snow, snow, snow…

We didn’t get the snow that I had hoped for last night.  Everyone in our area went to school.  Nora’s school did let out early (silly).  Either way, we have had a nice afternoon/evening.  We had potato soup for dinner and made cinnamon rolls for breakfast in the morning (with the hopes of all four being here to enjoy them).

Matthew had a lot of fun with the girls tonight.  While I cleaned up the kitchen, they played three games and then Nora and Elyn had a contest to see who could jump the furthest off of the couch.

A few nights ago, Matthew taught the girls how to sing about snow-quite comical!  Here is our family singing tonight.  Keep in mind, none of us have a desire to become a professional!

If you are confused as to what we are doing, we are trying to mimic this little classic:

Oh, the nights are just full of endless fun at this house!

And here is to hoping for snow!

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