Sunday, January 09, 2011


Our first "snow" of the season has hit! We have not really seen that much snow, not like they got to the south of us. I'm jealous that we didn't get the accumulation that they got in Little Rock!

I am sure that we will be going to school tomorrow morning but I LOVE a snow day! I don't love 11 snow days but I do love one extra day at home!

Here is our current 7 day forecast:

Maybe we'll get a snow day at least once this week...

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Holly Aytes said...

We just barely got out of Memphis before their snow hit! I didn't want to be stuck there. We have about 4 inches and it is supposed to snow the rest of today and Tuesday. And south of us got more! We are out today and I am betting tomorrow if it keeps this up! BTW, loved the ice skating post! Wonder if I could get one of those walkers for when I go ice skating :)

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