Thursday, January 20, 2011

This and That

Well, dropped the ball again…over a week and I haven’t blogged.

Sorry all four of you.

We have not been too busy, so that is no excuse.  However, Nora has been a little under the weather and I have spent a few days running to the bathroom with her and monitoring her intake of food/fluids.  Not to mention having to listen to all the whining that has been going on…aye yie yie!

Thankfully, in the past 24 hours she has been completely normal and we have all been much happier!

We had a snow day today and another tomorrow…yea!IMG_0008

Here is Nora, enjoying a little snow ice cream, homemade by her daddy. Yum, yum!  The snow was perfect for ice cream NOT perfect for snowmen.  Too powdery.  The thing Nora was most excited about today was a snowball fight-ha!  Too bad the snow was not good for snowball fights either.

We have been thinking about our baby boy a lot.  We think we might have a name…we just have to commit to it.  AND I have found some bedding that I really like…it’s not the typical blue bedding.  I’ll share it when we are certain of it as well.

It’s supposed to snow here again Sunday night…this is looking like it might be a 5 day weekend.  Too bad we didn’t go on a vacation!


Holly Aytes said...

Sorry Nora has been under the weather :( That is no fun for her or mommy! Can't wait to hear baby boy's name (and see bedding)...babies are so sweet! And I love seeing how people decorate their nurseries :) Hope you guys enjoy your snow days...we got a little snow last night but not enough to keep the kids out which is fine with me since we have used 7 of our 9 snow days!

April said...

I am still so excited the baby is a boy! I can't wait to see the bedding and find out his name.
It seems like everyone is sick..everywhere. I am glad she is feeling better.

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