Monday, January 24, 2011


Tonight, while saying the prayer at dinner, Nora said, "Thank you God for our new baby and for his nice name...but it's really hard to say (whispers to me...Mommy, what is it?)". Ha ha! Hopefully she can say and remember "Rives" by the time he is born.

Speaking of Rives...he is making it very difficult for me to walk and sit for long periods of time. I don't know if it is the difference between boys and girls or if it is because I am 3 years older, but this! It has NOT been a piece of cake. Examples:

On Saturday, Matthew took the girls out to run a few errands. He was gone for about 3 hours and it was lovely. I was able to get a few rooms picked up/cleaned, it was nice to be alone to do those things. I didn't get nearly as much done as would have liked, but that is life. Matthew and the girls get home and he mentions that he is going to work on windows. In my eyes, working on windows equals serious dust. I asked (okay, begged) him not to and he saw how fragile my state was and readily agreed.

THEN, I was standing there talking to him when all of a sudden my back started hurting and I just couldn't take it any longer and sat down on the couch and had an emotional breakdown. And poor Elyn was witness to the beginning of the breakdown. (Matthew mimicked her leaving the room later on and it was hilarious! I didn't see it because I was crying uncontrollably. Basically it was a very slow, side step out of the room and then quickly up the stairs to find Nora.) I'm sure she thought I had lost my mind-and I had! But, it was pregnancy induced. Ah...good times. I had to lay down on the couch for at least an hour because my back was hurting so much. (The root of the breakdown was that I felt useless. I can only do a few hours at a time before needing to plop down on my own personal massage table and have my private masseuse do some magic-oh I kid, but I wish I wasn't.)

The past two nights I have had to STAND to eat my dinner because it hurts too bad to sit down. I just tell myself I am burning more calories-ha! But, by 4 or 5 o'clock, every day I walk like I am crippled and, if I'm not sitting on a heating pad, cannot sit down for more than 10 minutes.

Matthew does try to rub out the knots in my lower back but it is nearly impossible to feel any relief.

Seventeen more weeks.

I know, QUIT COMPLAINING, right! I KNOW! I really am not crazy about all the complaining! It is such a tremendous blessing to even be in the position to have these aches and pains. I love feeling little Rives move around in my belly and watching him grow (and grow, and grow, and grow-I'm officially a giant right now).

BUT, this is my blog and I don't want to forget what I am feeling right now. For those of you who have had boy and girls, did you find a huge difference in your pregnancies? When I was pregnant with the girls, my chief complaint was heartburn. As the pregnancies progressed, I had trouble breathing because they were holding onto my lungs and squeezing them and trying to break my ribs. I never really remember constant back pain though.

What do you guys think?

I go to the doctor tomorrow for a routine visit. After I find out that I now weigh 300 pounds (and that is exactly how I feel) and get a lecture on that, I am hoping that he will prescribe a cure for my back pain. Fingers crossed!

However, I feel like I will hear, "You need to slow down and take it easy." Not gonna happen. Oh well, I just need to step up to the plate and learn to deal with a little bit of pain for the next few will all be worth it in the end!

In closing, a heating pad is the best invention EVER!


Keisha said...

My pregnancies were very different. With Violet I only thought I had morning sickness. I would have given my right eye to have that "morning sickness" with Mace. I was so sick with him. I was also much much much bigger with Mace.

April said...

Dallas, you need a belly belt or a belly band. I had to wear one with my last pregnancy and it really helped. You can get them at Motherhood maternity. I hope this helps you out.

Mindy S. said...

Hi! I have been lurking on your blog for a while now. I found your blog through a mutual friend (I don't remember who now), but I am a Harding grad too. I have enjoyed your stories of life with two girls. I have three girls myself and I can so identify with many of your stories. I am coming out from lurking because I know the pain that you are in. I have been in that pain too and it is not fun--and it in NOT in your imagination. With my first pregnancy I just suffered with it, but I didn't have to chase other small ones. With my second pregnancy the nurse at my OBs office sent me to a chiropractor and it was Heaven sent relief. I am not usually a big believer in chiropractic care, but it really did make a huge difference for me during my pregnancy. It would be worth trying at least. I hope that you can find some relief.

Holly Aytes said...

Dallas, my back hurt alot with my last one (I think it had to do with age somewhat). Taylor and Caleb were easy pregnancies and Madison (the baby) gave me the most grief! She was the only one I had morning sickness with but I had it all day for like 6 months! It was so much harder b/c I had 2 others' I was busy chasing around! I can't remember if you had c-sections but I did with mine. I think the weak abdominal muscles really places a part in the back pain...your back is trying to compensate for the tummy muscles. I have heard of people going to the chiropractor though I never did...if insurance covered it I would give it a try. Hope you get some relief!

Ashley said...

Maybe it was just the 3rd pregnancy or having 2 other kids to take care of. I sailed through Ranger and Lucy but Sawyer just KILLED me! I could have carried the other 2 for a year + and loved every second of it, but with Sawyer I was counting the days to be done. Of course, the other 2 were 6 lbs and he was 8 1/2, so that may have played into it, too.

TeamBortzfield said...

Have you tried the therma care heat patches? It's like a portable heating pad.

Nicola said...

Dallas, I would completely agree with everyone else's comments... especially since you've had c-sections. I had a terribly sore back with Max and I think it was due to the fact that I had a c-section the previous year. I didn't get around to doing a whole lot of crunches between Lyla and Max! I went to the chiro and that helped a lot, but I actually preferred massage. I also carried differently with Max than with the girls, so that might be the issue too, so the belly band would good. A side benefit to the belly band is that it also holds in the muffin tops! Good luck!

Kristen OQ said...

I have had 3 different pregnancies with all three of my very boy-boys! With Scott, I think some parts were better (not as much sickness), but my body hurt much more. I think some of it was the difference in having a baby at 26 versus in my mid-30's. I did the belt thing with Scott and wore support hose (the expensive ones -- my doc wrote me a prescription for them) and both seemed to help me. I hope it gets better! Thinking about you!

Love his name too!

Kristen OQ said...

Just reading the comments now...I had csections too, so maybe that played into it! Good luck!

Sara said...

Definitely more back pain when I was pregnant with Grant--I wore a belly belt for the last half of the pregnancy and it helped a lot!

Julie said...

with both boys i had bad lower back pain!

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