Wednesday, February 23, 2011

birthday celebration-her actual birthday

We celebrated Nora’s birthday with all of her friends and family on Saturday…and I will post about that later.

Here is the celebration of today:

We woke up this morning to muffins and presents-sounds like a pretty good morning to me!  Here she is opening Elyn’s present and card…


Elyn picked out, all by herself, a pair of Dora ballet slippers.  Guess who was the first one to wear them…not the birthday girl-ha!


Thank you Elyn!


Opening her present from her mommy and daddy…funny story, like I mentioned, her big party was Saturday.  She received quite a few presents on Saturday and loved each and every one.  After she had gone to bed Saturday night, she called out for Matthew to come upstairs.  He went up to see what she needed and came back down laughing.  She said to him, “Daddy, I didn’t get a present today from you and Mommy and Elyn.”  Ha ha ha ha!  I guess she was keeping a list of all the people that were there and if they brought her a present or not.  And honestly, her present was her PARTY.  But, we still had something from us to open today.  I hope she went upstairs and placed a checkmark by our names-ha!


A birthday Barbie!


I got to eat lunch with Nora today at school.  She was so excited to have me there!  I have not gotten to eat lunch with her yet so I was equally as thrilled!


They called Nora and another little boy, who is in her room and has the same birthday, up to the front and all of the students that were at lunch at that time sang “Happy Birthday” to both of them.  They were so cute and loved the attention!


After school, the girls and I met Matthew at the movie theater for the last matinee of the day for Gnomeo and Juliet.  Nora told everyone that she could that she was going to the “movie theater” after school.


Waiting for the movie to start…


I had been asking Nora what she wanted for dinner on her birthday, thinking she would come up with some delicacy that I cook.  I was fully prepared to slave over a meal for her.  I was excited to see what she would request for me to cook.

She wanted Chuck E Cheese.

I told her absolutely not.

So, she chose the grape restaurant.  The what?  I could not imagine what the “grape” place was she was talking about.  Then, yesterday, we were driving and she pointed out the grape restaurant to me…

Olive Garden!  I thought it was hilarious!

But that is where we ended up when the movie was over…

She got her picture made with the other three of us…she was happier about it at points than others…


Finally we headed home for some birthday cake and opening of presents that the mailman had delivered while we were out…


We had one more surprise for the girls…but that is going to be left for another day.

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