Saturday, February 26, 2011

Doctor visit

I went to the doctor yesterday for my 28 week visit.

This visit also included an ultrasound and a glucose test.

I am assuming my glucose test was okay because I haven’t heard back from the doctor.  That’s good!

The ultrasound was to re-check my placenta.  At the first ultrasound I had (at 20 weeks) my placenta was too low and they were rechecking to make sure it had migrated up to where it was supposed to be.

Good news, it had migrated!  Way to go placenta!

It was a great ultrasound because I really got to see Rives!  He was precious.  The first thing I saw when she put the wand on my stomach was him yawning.  I guess he is tired.  It’s hard work growing!  I know it tires me out-ha!

And, good news, it is still “Rives”!  I was a little worried that “he” might turn out to be a “she” because I really couldn’t see the boy parts last time.  No worries this time!  I was able to see the parts very clearly and I am now confident that we are having a baby boy!

It was a really good visit and I am thankful for such a great report and that I was able to see my healthy baby.

My doctor also discussed scheduling a c-section date!  He will definitely be joining our family by mid May!

And while I am so happy about the good doctor visit I had, my heart is heavy for another family.

Sean and Susan Wicks are friends of ours.  Sean was actually in our wedding (and was Matthew’s roommate for a year or so) and Susan and I were in the same social club (sorority for you state school people) in college.  We have not seen them in several years but still consider them friends.

Sean and Susan had a baby boy 9 months ago, Phineas.  He is absolutely precious!  See…


Phin was diagnosed, very recently, with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML).  He began his first round of chemo yesterday.  I ask that you pray for this family!  They can use all the encouragement and prayers possible!  Please visit their website,, and offer them some encouragement!  Our God is powerful and can destroy this disease!

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Holly Aytes said...

Glad you got a good report and got to see Rives! I always enjoyed having ultrasounds and getting to check on my babies! I will add your friends to my prayer list. That is so sad.

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