Monday, February 07, 2011

Ungraceful and unglamorous


This was me today. But, imagine this man 6 months pregnant and a woman. Then, that was me.

We were running about 5 minutes late this morning (which, as you know, sets everything off). This was also our first morning to actually have to be somewhere on time after our 4 days off because of snow days. AND some of the roads still have ice/snow on them, making them AWESOME to drive on.

I was feeling a little frazzled by the time I got to my final destination and I am NOT ACCUSTOMED to feeling frazzled when I get to work. I did get there on time though…miracle!

As I was walking around to the back of the van to get my materials, I slipped on patch of invisible ice. I mean, it must have been invisible because I sure didn’t see anything. My purse and drink went flying (both into puddles…my poor purse!) and I went straight to the asphalt on my hands and my left knee.


The fall wasn’t really that hard because I had been walking slowly and carefully (looking for invisible ice) but still, I fell and it shook me up.

I went into the school and told the secretaries I would be in “my” room (I use the word “my” very, very loosely. It’s a room that I am allowed to use on the days that I am at this school. I have to share it with the ESL teacher…she’s so sweet to share!). I walked towards the room and started crying because I was so relieved and, honestly, a little scared.

The teachers I was supposed to meet with at that EXACT same time were so sweet when they walked in and saw me having an anxiety attack. AND they all shared their stories of falls they took when they were pregnant. One lady told me of her fall that resulted in stiches in her forehead, I’m sure glad that wasn’t me!

Baby Rives let me know he was just fine all morning long by kicking me periodically and dancing on my bladder…he’s going to be alright!

On my lunch hour, I went to get my drivers license renewed.

Because it was expired. Who knew?

The last time I had my license renewed I was pregnant with Elyn but was unaware of that fact…blissfully unaware-ha!

It was the day before my 30th birthday too.

Today-a few weeks after my 34th birthday, VERY pregnant with Rives, a few hours after all the crying and falling and, did I mention, it was a “pull the hair back” kind of day-I went to renew my license and get a new glamour shot.


And the above cartoon about sums up my feelings about my new i.d. I’m already plotting ways that I can accidentally (on purpose) misplace the new card and HAVE to get a retake. (And why doesn’t the DMV offer retakes like schools do if you don’t like your picture?)

It’s really horrible, and not in the “Oh, gosh, look at this picture, it’s so bad” but really, I think it’s pretty great and am just fishing for a compliment….

THAT IS NOT THE CASE! This is hands down the WORST picture I have ever taken-EVER!

Oh well…at least it makes this picture look decent now. Small victories.

So, that was my morning…ungraceful and unglamorous. Thank goodness there is always the day after a Monday!

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Danielle Balentine said...

I'm so glad you were okay. Got a little scared when I saw the picture of the pregnant man, I mean woman, falling. Thanks for the little laugh though. Glad you are okay.

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