Monday, February 21, 2011

Valentine’s Day

Ahhhh, playing the game of catch up!  Let’s start with Valentine’s Day (although I still have snow day videos to catch up with-oh well)

But speaking of snow days…

on one of our recent snow days, the girls decorated their Valentine boxes:

Nora chose Scooby Doo valentines, not because she is a big fan (I don’t know if she has ever seen an episode…I know, she is deprived) but because boys and girls like Scooby Doo!  I was impressed that she was thinking of others (not always an everyday thing-ha!) and not choosing Barbie or princess themes because that is what SHE likes.


Filling out her Valentines…


Her decorated box…


She drew a princess on the bottom of the box…had to get a princess in somehow-ha!


And I didn’t get any pictures of Elyn’s box…I’m so sorry Elyn!  More fuel for therapy.

The girls took these little heart shaped brownies to their friends…


My two little “love bugs” on February 14th…


At Nora’s school on Valentine’s Day, all of the preschool kiddos got to go on a field trip to a local fun game/pizza place.  Nora was so excited!  Since she goes to a private school, there are no buses or methods of transportation.  So, the parents drive!  I was able to drive Nora and her friend, Hadlee.  They were pretty funny talking on the way over!


Once we got there, this is about all I saw of Nora…the back of her head running, surrounded by friends.


A rare picture of her coming towards me.


Sweet Hadlee…


After all the playing it was time for pizza and decorating cookies:


It was a fun field trip and Nora fell fast asleep on the ride back to school…a success!

That night, Matthew had to work and I did not feel like cooking.  My energy level is decreasing by the week…hopefully nesting will kick in soon!

The girls and I decided to treat ourselves to a “romantic” dinner at Chick Fil A (along with most of the other people in our town-it was packed!)


Each table was complete with candle light, flowers and linen table cloths-fancy!


It was a very relaxed Valentine’s Day!  Matthew brought us each a rose and they have been our centerpiece for our table ever since.

I am so thankful for my 3 loves!

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