Friday, February 04, 2011

Winter weather

Winter/snowy weather has pretty much shut down our "neck of the woods". (And I have pictures of said winter weather, but am currently on Matthew's dinosaur computer while he is using mine to work on taxes. I don't have the patience to download pictures to this one...forgive me.)

My mom came to our house last Saturday, almost a week ago. When she arrived, it was bright and sunny and 74 degrees outside. She came with the intention of helping me decorate our house. And decorate we did! (And I will share pictures later...because I think it looks awesome!). We went shopping on Sunday after church (when I got the belly band) and got quite a few new accessories to make things pretty.

Already, the temperature was dropping and the weather "experts" were predicting THE BIGGEST STORM OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!

My mom had already planned to leave on Tuesday and COULD HAVE left Monday night to avoid the storm all together BUT she knew we still had some serious organizing/decorating to do, so she stayed.

And thought she would leave by Wednesday.

She didn't.

On Tuesday morning, Matthew's phone went off at 5am letting him know that school was canceled.

And then it was closed on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

And, by the way, it was NOT the BIGGEST STORM OF ALL TIME...for Northwest Arkansas anyway. We got about 5 inches of snow but the temperature never got above freezing, all week long.

Yesterday, Thursday, the sun was shining and the roads looked pretty good, so we decided to get out of the house because OH MY GOODNESS, cabin fever was setting in!

We went bowling and had a grand time! And when I regain the use of my own computer, I will upload the funniest video ever (if you are a Facebook friend, I hope you have already seen it).

We went to the bed last night with the promise of a dusting of snow and a pretty nice weekend. My mom had already made plans to leave early this morning and get back to her life in Ft. Worth...

Well, unless you have been living under a rock, you know of the crazy weather that the Ft. Worth/Dallas area got last night. Dallas received 4-6 inches of snow and Ft. Worth got around 3 inches. Those in the DFW area were encouraging zero travel.

My mom is not concerned about what "those" were saying though-ha! She was bound and determined to make her way home today.

About the time she left our house, we started getting quite a bit of snow, A LOT of snow.

Again, she was leaving...I think we were staring to get a little bit too loud for her-ha!

She left about 11:00 and at 11:30, I got a call that she had stopped at a hotel SIX MILES FROM OUR HOUSE! She was so shaken, because the snow had been so heavy and difficult for her to see, that she said she was not coming back to our house. She was staying put!

Well, that "dusting" we were supposed to get today turned out to be almost FOUR INCHES of snow-yikes! Matthew's class has been canceled for tomorrow and one of the birthday parties that the girls were going to has been rescheduled for next weekend.

Because the weather "experts" are predicting that we will get 4 more inches of snow overnight.

The four of us did venture out late this afternoon, to the hotel 6 miles down the road. The girls and Matthew went swimming and then we stuck around for some room service dinner. It was a nice outing! If my mom doesn't leave tomorrow, then the girls are going to spend the night with her at the hotel (fingers crossed the roads are too bad-ha!).

Oh, and this is the forecast for the weekend and next week:

I'm wondering how many days of school we will miss next week. We are already up to 7...when will our summer begin?

I hope you and your family are staying warm!

Oh, and the most exciting news of all...I am an aunt again! Julia and Brian had a baby girl last night, Esther Claire Hughes. Julia was the WOMAN and had her with NO DRUGS. Mostly because she barely made it to the hospital before Esther was ready to make her appearance. Julia was literally at the hospital less than an hour before Esther arrived. She was 7 pounds 4 ounces and as cute as a button! I am sure big brother, Noah, is unaware of the changes that are about to occur in his world, but I know he is going to love that baby girl so much!

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