Thursday, February 10, 2011

You know it’s cold when…

boiling water turns into water vapor!

It was NEGATIVE FIVE degrees here this morning, so we decided to do a little experiment with boiling water and the super cold temps.

Isn’t that cool!

And if you are curious as to the WHY…here is one explanation.


April said...

So cool! I am outside of Memphis we are real warm at 24 :)

I hate to hear about your fall. I am so glad everything it ok. That has to be a pregnant Momma's worse nightmare.

Stay warm!

Holly Aytes said...

That was awesome! I am going to try that next time it is cold! They were saying we were going to get some snow but we only got a dusting. I am over the snow but if we could get 2 ft I would love it...everyone stuck at home and able to play!

TeamBortzfield said...

We tried that on the deck in vail. It was negative 12. It didn't work for us and we made a huge ice spot on the heated deck. My only guess is it was a whole sauce pan of water.

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