Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Countdown to Disney

The girls, especially Nora, are having a great time counting down until our Disney trip.  She loves marking a huge black “X” over a square at the end of each day and telling me how many more days until we leave.

I made a list of things that I think we should take with us last night.  I feel pretty much clueless about what to take.  I spent a good portion of the evening on Disney “mom” forums trying to get a clue.  It really helped and I now feel kind of ready.

Kind of.

Like 50% ready.

Ah, well.

I did get a new pair of shoes for the trip.  I asked my Facebook friends for some advice on “cute-ish”, comfortable, looks good with skirts, capri pants, jeans.

I got some kind-of like these:


And let me tell you they are COMFORTABLE!!!!!!!!  The brand is Jambu and I am loving them.

I needed something to accommodate my ever growing feet (ha!) and something that will breathe.  These, so far, seem like a great combo of both.

Hopefully they can hold up to four days at Disney World!

We are really, really, really excited!

Too bad we are going to need a second mortgage on our house to make it to Orlando…gas prices are ridiculous!


Holly Aytes said...

Those are cute shoes! I bet your girls are so excited! I remember when we went how the kids could hardly wait. Can't wait to hear about your trip. BTW, the gas prices are ridiculous! I booked our plane tickets for TX 2 weeks ago and boy am I glad I did as airfare has gone up and our tickets would have been about $300 more than they were! CRAZY!

Kim said...

One of the best Disney tips we got was the bring a big, bright piece of ribbon to tie on the rented strollers. Hope you guys have a BLAST!!! :)

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