Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patty’s Day

Today, we all wore green…

and you’re just going to have to take my word on that because I did not take a picture of our green.

Speaking of wearing green…a conversation with Nora today:

Nora: Why are do many people NOT wearing green today?  We need to pinch all of them!  (Thank you private Christian school for introducing her to the pinching part of St. Patrick’s Day)

Me: I don’t know why everyone isn’t wearing green!  But, we don’t pinch anybody that we don’t know…that would be bad because the strangers would be very mad at us.

Nora: But, we can pinch people we do know.

Me: Yes.

Nora: So, if Aunt Beth isn’t wearing green, I’ll pinch her!

Beware Aunt Beth!  (And come to find out AB wasn’t wearing green today!  Good thing Nora didn’t see her!)

We ran a ton of errands today…not my favorite kind of day.  The girls were pretty good but Elyn had two major meltdowns/fits and I thought I was going to LOSE MY MIND on both occasions.  Nothing makes me feel like a good mom like wanting to leave her on the side of the road to cool down while I drive around for a few minutes and cool down myself.  I kid…kind of.

We were friends again by the time we got back home…thankfully.

We got an oil change at the car dealership and found out that I had a slow leak in one of the back tires.  The dealership quoted me a price on a tire that was a tad ridiculous.  So-after the oil change, I loaded the girls back in the van and drove 30 minutes north to my fave tire place and got TWO NEW TIRES put on the van for the price of the one that it would have cost at the dealership.

Either way, it wasn’t fun to pay for TIRES.  Such a “blah” purchase.

When we got home, the girls played outside for a long time while I made a special cake for dessert.

A rainbow cake!  (Because you know, Saint Patrick's day-leprechauns-pot of gold-rainbow)

I thought I had a cake mix but I was wrong.  So I did a half recipe of a white cake recipe (because we are leaving soon and don’t need a whole lot of extra cake).  Then I divided the batter, equally, into six bowls and used food coloring to create ROY G BIV (minus indigo).  This is what the batter looked like after I poured it into the pan:


I thought it looked really cool!  I just poured the red batter in the pan and then poured the orange directly on top of it, causing the red to push out, then poured the yellow on top of the orange…etc.

The baked cake:


I had to make my own frosting too…with very limited supplies.  For some reason I thought I had much more in my pantry than I actually had.  Pregnancy…

The frosted (and cut into) cake…


Look, it’s a rainbow inside!


I was pretty happy with the results!  Especially considering that this was a last minute idea and I none of the ingredients that I thought I had-ha!

The girls liked it…all that matters.

We are getting ready for our trip!!!!!!!  So excited and so much to pack-it’s ridiculous, really.

But, we have two new tires to carry us to the happiest place on earth!

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Marty Rhea Hill said...

That is so stinkin' cute!!!!! I do hope that I can be as creative as you one day.........for my unknown, ridiculously beautiful children. ;)

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