Monday, March 14, 2011

Wild and crazy

We are wild and crazy around here…ha!  That really makes me laugh…we’re so NOT those adjectives!

Last week Nora was scheduled to have her 5 year well-child visit.  I knew she was going to have to get her “kindergarten” shots, so I prepared her for them and by the actual day, she was telling everyone she saw that she was about to get her shots and THEN go get ice cream.

I thought, Yes, we are ready for this!

Ten minutes before her appointment the doctor’s office called me and said that the doctor had to leave on an emergency.  And we needed to reschedule.


I told Nora and she was instantly sad…I guess she was really looking forward to the ice cream-ha!

I still needed to see A doctor though.  Nora has horrible eczema and really needed a prescription to help her out.  We have been using Cetaphil with restoraderm (body wash and lotion) for a while and, although, it has helped, it has not cured anything.

This is what Nora’s body looks like after her skin has gotten particularly dry:


Isn’t that sad!?!?!  We are continually reminding her not to scratch her dry spots (which are ALL OVER HER BODY!) but it’s hard to remind her while she is asleep.

Thankfully the prescription that the replacement doctor wrote for her eczema is working miracles!  Nora told me last night that her skin doesn’t itch bad anymore-yea!

Speaking of the “replacement” doc, she knew we had originally come for the well-child checkup and shots.  She asked if we still wanted to get the shots.

Panic set into Nora’s eyes and, honestly, a little panic set into mine too.

I gave her the news and she started crying.  I immediately told her that ice cream was back ON the agenda.

I won’t share all details (because you’ve probably “been there done that”), but let me say, Nora acted as if she was getting shot by a gun instead of a teeny tiny needle.  Rives and I had to lay on top of her to keep her still (yeah, right!) and let the nurse do her job.  Oh, and I may have laughed a little when she was screaming like a banshee…mom of the year.

(And the nurse acted put out that Nora was acting the way she was…doesn’t she deal with 5-year-olds on a daily basis?  Doesn’t she give shots to THREE-YEAR-OLDS?  Ugh!  I was annoyed.  Come on nurse…show some compassion!)

Anywho, she got her shots and could not stop crying.  Elyn told me that Nora scared her-ha!  Nora limped around for the next 24 hours and we all thoroughly enjoyed the ice cream!  Well deserved by all.


My husband used to lead a different life…he coached.  A lot.  In our first year of marriage, we spent quite a few evenings/weekends apart while he was coaching high school and junior high basketball.  He also coached the cross country team.  He was referred to as “Coach Hendo” by his students.

When we moved, he quit coaching and started spending his free time going to graduate school.

Well, Wednesday afternoon, Coach Hendo returned!

As a U-6 soccer coach!


Nora is on his team and by far, the youngest of the bunch.  Wednesday afternoon the temperature was FREEZING and our little soccer player was miserable!  (Which, in turn, made the coach a little miserable too.)  Hopefully when the weather warms up some, Nora will kick it into gear (pun NOT intended).

Elyn and I stayed nice and warm in the van while the other two were freezing their fannies off…



Later that night, Nora got to warm up on the coach by watching her “favorite” show (Minute to Win it).  How sweet is Elyn snuggled up to her daddy!


This picture reminds me of a conversation I heard from the back seat the other day…

Nora: Jesus and God are my favorites!  (If any of us say, absently, that so and so is our favorite or we like such and such the best, she will remind us RIGHT AWAY that nothing can be our favorite or the best EXCEPT for God and Jesus.)

Elyn: Daddy is my favorite!  Then Jesus.

Nora: NO!!!!!!!!!  Daddy can’t be your favorite!  ONLY JESUS AND GOD!

Elyn: Well, Daddy is my favorite.

Ha ha ha ha ha!  That made me laugh so hard!  I told Matthew about it and he said, “Why don’t I ever hear that?”  I think the picture above speaks it!


This is a picture of me “keepin’ it real”:


This is my laundry…well, some of it.  I had two loads already in the washer and dryer and another sitting on the couch waiting for me to fold.  I feel like I used to have a good handle on the laundry situation.  Not anymore!  Working 3.5 days a week is NOT cutting it.

On Thursday, I did about 7 loads of laundry.  That is ridiculous!  I have such good intentions, every week I finish a laundry marathon, that the next week I will keep up with it better.  So far I have not kept that resolution.  I think it has something to do with all of the laundry being upstairs and the washer/dryer being downstairs.  I can barely see my own feet right now…when I add a laundry basket to the bulk of my stomach it makes navigating the stairs scary.  Hopefully this is the week I am able to have more clean clothes than dirty!


This weekend I took the girls to my in-laws for a few nights.

Sounds nice, right?  A weekend to me and Matthew all by ourselves.  One last little romantic time away before Rives comes…yeah, that does sound nice.  Too bad that wasn’t the reason that the girls spent two nights away.

This is what happened…


What is this a picture off, you might ask?  Well, it is Matthew climbing into the attic from our master bath.  He spent the weekend fixing up some electrical annoyances and ripping up the flooring and the ceiling from our bathroom.  We have less than 70 days before Rives enters our lives and we need to claim our master bath again!  Rives room is currently our closet and I would like to make it his own before his birth.

So, Matthew spent all day Saturday ripping things out and cleaning things up.  I spent Saturday shopping for our trip (car ride stuff for the girls…40 hours in the car is a LONG time!), reading and being Matthew’s assistant.  I use the term assistant very loosely…I honestly wasn’t much help.  Although I did help carry sheetrock up the stairs.  Oh and I discovered this:


Yum, Yum, Yum!!!!  This was our “date”.  And it was great!


The “wildest” thing that happened this past week was that I got bangs!  I have not had bangs since high school mainly because I have a HUGE cowlick and it is so much easier to fix without.

Here is a picture of the bangs…and I had to take about 20 pictures of myself to settle on one that looked half-way decent (in my eyes):


So, the picture is blurry, yes, and I’m not smiling completely, yes, but this the best you are going to get.  Sigh.  Why am I so vain about my picture.  But, here are the bangs.  Matthew said they make me look younger…I think it’s because I also had my grey covered up the same day.  But this old lady will take what she can get-ha!

We are less than a week away from our big vacation!!!!!!!  We are all so excited (although, I think I might win the prize for being the MOST excited!).

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TeamBortzfield said...

Go Bangs! Now I want ice cream with salted caramel and Potato chips! What? MMm Delicious.

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