Thursday, April 21, 2011


Today started feeling like Easter around here!  We went to our Mommy and Me group at church…not a big showing of mommies or their little ones, but the four that were there had a good time.  After a pizza lunch, we let them “hunt” the eggs that had been scattered in the grass.  It was a beautiful morning/early afternoon…then the torrential downpour started about 2pm this afternoon.  Glad we got the hunt done early!

The crew: Kinsley, Elyn, Sterling and Nora


Same crew, just a different arrangement…where is your smile Elyn?


OH, there it is!


Because of the thunderstorms tonight, our soccer game was canceled (yea!) so we were finally able to do something that we had been too busy for…dyeing Easter eggs!!!!!


The Easter egg artists…


The artists, working hard!


Matthew and his masterpiece:


A basketball going through a hoop…I was impressed.


Nora and her masterpiece…it’s hard to tell, but she drew an Easter Bunny on her egg.  And when will she start smiling normally again?  The first smile she gave me was a half smile, similar to a stroke patient.


Elyn and her yellow egg.  She was not as interested in decorating…takes after her mama-ha!


Colorful eggs!  It was fun!!!!


As I was cleaning up, I saw my reflection in the window and I though, “WOW!  I look like an Easter egg too.”  So, I grabbed my phone and took a picture of my reflection.  3.5 weeks to go people.  My belly is huge!


A great day, full of eggs!


Deborah said...

Cute Easter eggs!

And you look really cute, too!!

Karie said...

LOVE it!!! Beautiful house...I was trying to catch looks of it in your backgrounds. You and Matthew are a great design team :) You look so good...I know you may not think so, but for this mamma who will never be pregnant again (excepte by the hand of God) I love seeing a Preggy momma!! Blessings on you these next few weeks!!

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