Thursday, April 07, 2011

Getting ready

Well, we are definitely closing in on the time when we will become a family of five!

And we so far away from being ready to add another member to our little group.

I kind of feel like “nesting” has started.  In my head it is NECESSARY that all laundry is done at all times.

Completely opposite of how I have been living for the past 7 months.  You might remember this post and the picture that shows my dedication to my laundry.

It’s opposite now. 

The main downfall to this new way of living is that Elyn can wear her favorite outfit every other day now (favorite outfit: heart leggings, yellow skirt, birthday shirt).  I will be happy to put all three of those things away.

I have made big sister/little brother shirts-two each.

I have purchased new material to make Rives some burp cloths.

I have washed and folded a crazy amount of newborn/0-3 month clothing:


Can you BELIEVE all of these clothes?????  My sister-in-law and cousin have loaned us a ton of clothes…about 85% of the clothes in this tub are hand-me-downs.  Thank goodness for generous family…and well-dressed kids!

Matthew has been working on our master bathroom.  Last weekend he put up the wall separating the bedroom and bathroom, got the bathroom door hung, new window installed and a ton of demo work done (he did have some help with a few things).  This weekend, he is hoping to get some electrical stuff done and the closet framed out.

It’s important that the bathroom/closet gets done because our current closet is Rives bedroom.  AND Matthew and I are currently sleeping on a mattress, on the floor, in Rives room/our closet because of the construction happening in OUR bedroom.

A LOT needs to happen before Rives comes to live with us.

And all of a sudden I am a little obsessed with our outdoors.  I am on the lookout for a black iron bench for our front porch, I am going to order shutters tomorrow and I think we need someone to come to our house and give us advice on landscaping (I’m the only one that thinks this though).

I know that “Project Outdoors” will not really happen until next spring/summer, but my irrational hormonal thinking is determined that it should happen NOW.  Sigh.

I was manic the other night about the playroom, how it is never picked up, the girls rarely play in it, the arrangement is driving me crazy…so, Matthew rearranged the whole room and made it look so much better.

I’m pretty sure he is tired of “pregnant” Dallas…I know she is getting on my nerves!

So, the countdown is on…a little over a month to go.  Let’s see how much gets done.

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Holly Aytes said...

I can't believe it is almost time for him to be born! It seems like everyone that I know that is pregnant is flying through their pregnancies...I am sure it doesn't feel that way to you guys though! My sister's little girl's closet is 90% hand-me-downs from my girls. And Madison is wearing Taylor's old clothes mostly with a few new things thrown in :)

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