Friday, April 01, 2011

Heading home

We left a little later than we had planned (like always) but had an easy drive to Hattiesburg on Friday.

It was a lot of the same in the car as when we went-movies, coloring, napping.

Saturday we went with Pops, LeeLee and Uncle Aaron to a little festival that downtown Hattiesburg was having.  There were a ton of booths and a ton of wind!  I’m surprised that none of the tents fell over that held the booths.

We just walked around for a while and had a corndog and funnel cake (yum!) for lunch.  We did let the girls get their faces painted at one of the booths.  At one of the SLOWEST face painting booths I have ever been at!


There was a lady that was selling boxer puppies…they were so cute, but they were puppies!  I don’t think adult boxers are very “cute”.  They were also $500.


It was HOT in Hattiesburg on Saturday (you can see it in the girls faces as they were getting them painted) and the girls really wanted to go swimming.  After a non-nap (zero sleeping was involved) they threw on their suits and went to jump in the pool…

But the water was CHILLY!  The swim didn’t last as long as I think they thought it would.


Here is Nora jumping in and swimming…this is as much as she would do, she kept saying she was too cold…

Trying to warm up on one of Pops and LeeLee’s lounge chairs…


After getting dressed, we headed out again, this time for the best ribs in Mississippi, at Leatha’s.

It was an early night to bed because we had a 10 hour drive the next day!

On Sunday, we drove home and it seemed to take FOREVER!  Matthew wasn’t feeling very good, so I drove for a good portion (and a “good portion” was about 1/4 of the entire drive…I do what I can).  I think we were all just ready to be home and back in our own place.

Now that we’re home, the countdown for Rives begins…ahhhhh!  We are NO WHERE close to being ready!  Poor little guy…his room still has many man hours that need to be put in before we can call it his.  Maybe he won’t remember how unprepared we were for him-ha!

Thanks for reading about our spring break…it was a fabulous one!!!

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