Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Top Heavy

When we got our dishwasher I was pretty excited about one of the features that it had…


The “top rack” only feature was genius, I thought.  Our old dishwasher basically had two settings-off and on.  It was the BOTTOM of the barrel as far as dishwashers went.  It was noisy and the front popped off from time to time.  A new one was excellent and I could not believe all of the options!

Since buying our new dishwasher I have used ONE feature…normal wash.  We have been using it since September.  We should have just brought our old one with us.  But this one is super quiet, that’s nice!

Yesterday morning when I unloaded the dishwasher I realized that we had a ton of cups and bowls to be washed.  I thought, hey, this might be the perfect opportunity to utilize one of the features I haven't used before (all features mind you, but one).

I used “top rack only”:


However, when I got finished loading the top rack, I looked over at the sink and this is what greeted me…


Dishes still to wash!

I got to thinking about how non-practical the top rack feature is for our family.  I load the dishwasher, to capacity, at least once a day, usually twice a day….I don’t like to leave any open space if I can wedge in a dish or plate.  However, if Matthew and I lived alone, the top rack feature might get used quite a bit.  I remember going to Matthew’s grandparents house and, when they didn’t have visitors, would go nearly a week in between running the dishwasher.  This feature would have worked perfectly for them!

So, note to self, we our kids are gone and we are eating smaller meals, get a dishwasher with a top rack only feature because until that time, I have learned, it is useless.

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