Saturday, May 21, 2011

The first few days

We’ve been home a few days and are doing pretty great!  I think it is in large part to Rives being such a great baby!  He either has us fooled or he is going to be pretty laid back.  He has made the transition to three kids very easy.  Okay, I’m going to knock on wood now-ha!

Here is Rives with the doctor who pulled him out…my doctor, Dr. J.  He is so great and we were blessed to have him take care of both of us for the past 9 months!


The morning we went home from the hospital…I had gone to get a shower and came out to find Matthew and Rives like this-


The only picture of Rives in his going home outfit.  The nurses were ready to get rid of us and I felt the pressure to speed things up…oh well, it looks like Rives is a little flustered here too-ha!


About two seconds after this picture, he quit crying…phew!


Ready to head home…look at Nora, she has been crying very dramatically and made last few moments in the hospital less than wonderful.  It was very frustrating for me because I could not understand why she was crying like the baby while Rives was sleeping peacefully in his car seat.  Oh well, this is our life and Nora got a two hour nap when we got home.


And this is me saying-WHAT IN THE WORLD, this is my life now!  Ha ha ha ha!


Heading the elevator…I love that Elyn is holding the boppy!  And the girls got to pick out their own clothes for the day…and Elyn chose her favorite pants, of course.


Three kids in the van now-wow!


Welcome home Rives!


This is pretty much what the girls have done since Rives has come home…crowded around him, wanting to see everything that he is doing (which is mostly sleeping).


It’s hard to believe she was this little just 5 years ago!


One tired mama and her three kids


First night at home…a little burrito baby.


The next day, Matthew took the girls to school and my mom and sister went home.  So it was just Rives, me and Matthew for the day.  It was so nice and peaceful.  Rives is so chilled out…


But we were so happy to have the girls back that afternoon to play!!!!!!  Elyn loves Rives so much!  I was so worried about how she would respond to him and she has surprised me!  She is great with him, wanting to be involved in absolutely everything!  She thinks it is fascinating when I nurse him and asked me once already if she could feed him-ha!


Elyn took this picture of Rives with my phone…it makes me laugh every time I see it!


Matthew and Nora doing some exercises with Rives.


Silly daddy and his three kids…


My four favorites-


This morning, while Matthew was painting our bathroom, the girls and I played with some play-doh.  Rives slept through the whole thing.


Hard to believe she is not our “baby” any longer.  She seems so big!


We have had a nice two days at home as a family of five.  Rives has slept great, ate great and is peeing and pooping great…he has his job down!  The girls have had a few moments of breakdown, but for the most part are adjusting to him beautifully.  And, of course, Matthew and I are just in awe that we now have three kids and feel so very, very blessed!


Melody said...

I still can't believe he is here and that you have a added a little boy to your mix. Glad to hear that all are doing well.

Notsopc said...

Such a beautiful family.. were the girls hair that dark?? I love the hair..

Julie Walker said...

Wow, it looks like yall are doing great! He is so beautiful, as are the other two. Can't wait to meet him! Congratulations, Dallas!

Amy said...

I heart Elyn's outfit and her photo of Rives. I think she and I could be buddies.
Congrats to your sweet family!

~aj~ said...

What a happy update...I just love it! I don't know if it's his hair or his little grin in that one pic, but Rives already seems to have such personality. Precious! Glad you are all doing well!

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