Saturday, May 14, 2011

Girls day

I had been planning for a while to have a “girl day” with Nora and Elyn before Mr. Rives arrives.  It is kind of funny to me because, really, every single Tuesday and Thursday is “girl day” around here.  We spend ALL DAY together on those days, but I wanted to make it a little special for them.

They both got up about 7:30 and came to snuggle up in bed with me…while I was showering they watched a little t.v.-


We ate breakfast and got dressed and headed out for our first stop…


Manicures and Pedicures-this is something we NEVER do!  They loved it and, although some of the nail polish has already chipped off, are very proud of their nails.  They told the ladies that were doing our nails that when Rives comes, he has to stay at home with daddy because boys can’t get their nails done-ha ha!

After getting our nails done, we did a little shopping.  We discovered Thursday morning that Nora has exactly TWO sundresses to tide her over for the rest of the summer-not going to cut it!  Elyn has approximately 200 sundresses, sometimes being the youngest really is awesome!  Thankfully, Wal-Mart is the perfect place for Nora to pick out dresses, she’s not too picky-YET.

We had to get some end of year teacher gifts but BOTH places that I went to had been relocated!  What are the chances?  One place is scheduled to reopen next week-not going to work for this new mama…

To get over the disappointment of two closed stores we went for lunch.  I asked the girls where they wanted to eat…they could choose ANY PLACE to go…

Chick fil A was the choice-really?


Elyn closed her eyes on purpose-ha ha!

It’s actually a good thing they chose Chick fil A because Nora saw one of her friends from school there…a BOY!  He must be her favorite boy in her class because last week, on the way home from school she asked me if he could come over and spend the night.  Oh my goodness!  I explained that he could come over and play but could NOT come over and spend the night.  She didn’t quite understand why girls can come over and spend the night but not boys.  Oh brother.

Well, this little boy must like Nora too because while we were at Chick fil A I heard him tell another little boy, “Nora is my girlfriend.”  Good grief!  I called Matthew and told him.  He said he was going to have to meet the boy-ha!

It’s all begun…and we are NOT ready for it!

After lunch we went to another store so the girls could get a present for Rives, to give to him in the hospital.  It was sweet, them picking out the little gift.  Elyn got him a stuffed baby chick and Nora picked out a stuffed giraffe.  And then they wanted to know what they were getting.  Um, hello, do you not remember the mani/pedi from earlier?

We came home, they got a nap and then tried one more store for the teacher gift-success!  If only I would have thought about that store first…ah, hindsight, always clearer!

It was a good day with my girls…remarkably normal.  I know that I will still have alone days with them, especially when they are older, but it’s weird to think that in a few days we are adding another little (needy) person to our mix.  I think Nora will adjust decently, it’s Elyn that I am worried about.  She is definitely a mama’s girl and requires alone time with me…I will have to figure out how to work that in when Rives comes.

I love you girls!

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