Thursday, June 23, 2011

Catching up

Here are some pictures of our life lately-not necessarily in order by date:

My razorback boys:


Only half the people in this picture are asleep…can you guess which two-ha?


The girls are so good with Rives and are great about giving him his paci if he is crying…helps a mama out!


Nora continues to LOVE Rives and is always such a helper!


Chillin’ out during some tummy time-


A few Saturday’s ago it was gorgeous outside, the girls got their jeep out of the garage and wanted to drive around.  Well, before that could happen it needed a good washing-


One day I was in the kitchen fixing dinner or washing dishes or something productive (I’m sure) and heard nothing but the television.  I walked over to the family room and this is what I saw…Rives had fallen asleep right beside his sisters-so sweet!


Last weekend we went over to the Graham’s house for a cookout with our old small group…good times!


My college friend, Joy, came to see me and Rives and bring us some dinner…love Joy!


Gram made the girls some dresses…thanks Gram!


On Matthew’s last day of school (or maybe 2nd to last day of school) he made trashcan milkshakes for all of his 8th graders…delish!


The girls took swim lessons at the beginning of the month.  We went to the same swim teacher we had last year and she is AWESOME!  This was Elyn’s first year to take lessons from Mrs. Dana.  Here she is on her first day:


Elyn did great!  However, she had to miss the second week because she was sick (more on that later).  Before the swim lessons she was timid about going all the way under the water and wasn’t too sure about jumping off of the diving board.  I’m happy to say she is confident with both of those now!  She refuses to wear her floaties now-ha!

Nora is an old pro at swim lessons.  She is a little fish and loves the water!  She was pretty confident in the water last summer and we felt pretty confident letting her loose in the pool.  This summer she had to step it up in swim lessons and learn some technique.  Actually, the first day, she got back in the van and said, “Swim lessons aren’t any fun…we have to do hard things.”  Ha Ha!  She wasn’t happy about having to tread water for almost a minute in the middle of the pool.

Here she is on her first day of swim lesson…can you see what she is doing?  Trying to get Rives to smile-ha!


Love those chins!


Rives at his 3 week check-up…almost 9 pounds!  He had gained a pound in two weeks!


The girls enjoying some TCBY after Rives doctor’s visit…hey, he couldn’t have any.


Drinking his first bottle


Ha ha ha!  He’s ready for Cuba and some Latin dancing.


This is what he looks like after a night a sleep and spitting up.


Last Monday we went to our local splash park.  It was a great day for it and I just knew the girls would have a blast.  Poor Elyn just sat on the side and hardly participated…I thought maybe she was tired.


However, when we got home I took her temp and it was 103!  Here she is…sick little girl.


She looks horrible!  Her temp stayed between 100 and 103 for 6 days…it was so sad!  I felt so bad for her!  I took her to the doctor and he said it was probably a fever virus.  After the 6th day, the fever was completely gone and she was back to her fun loving self.


The day I took Elyn to the doctor we came home and found Matthew and Nora cleaning the cars.  Thankfully Elyn’s Motrin had kicked in, so she went outside and joined in on the fun…you just can’t see her in the picture.


Two of our kitchen chairs now look like this…I really like them!


My little helper-she felt well enough one day to help me pick up a little.


And look, I had 5-6 inches of hair cut off!  I was tired of always wearing it in a ponytail and was desperate for something new.  Since none of my clothes fit and it is extraordinarily depressing trying on new clothes, I thought this might make me feel better-and it does!



Holly Aytes said...

Wow...ya'll have been so busy! Glad things are going well. I am loving Rives head of hair :) He is so cute! I can see why the girls love him. And love the red chairs (and your new haircut...I am needing one but can't decided if I want to cut it off or grow it out).

Hello blog buddies! It's me, Crouse! said...

Totally love the hair!!!! So so so cute!!! And fun!!! I love the red chairs. I've always said in my dream home I want a round, red front door. On the front of my 4000 square foot craftsman house with huge front porch. I did say dream house, right? Love the pics!

Whitney said...

Loving your hair :) Adorable!

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