Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Happy 4th birthday, Elyn!

I cannot believe that Elyn is four years old!  Time has certainly not stood still…it has rushed by at lightening speed.

(Well, if I’m honest, some days it feels like it stops…time does not move, minutes are NOT going by on the clock…the day will NEVER end.)

My sweet Elyn…the 365 days from you turning 3 to you being 4 have had its ups and downs.  It was a big year for you!  You started preschool and loved it!  You would often cry when I would come pick you up last year.  You loved Miss Miranda (last year) and are learning to love Mrs. Ostrand (this year).

You are so outgoing at home and when you get to know someone and warm up to them, you are outgoing then also.  However, when I drop you off at school or at church, you cling to me and don’t want me (or your daddy) to leave.  It definitely takes you a few moments to warm up.  Even with family that you haven’t seen in a while…you don’t hand out hugs or kisses with ease.  I think you hurt feelings because you are not overly affectionate or friendly but they don’t know you well enough because if they did, they would wait and let you warm up to them and they would have a tremendous surprise waiting…your attention.

You became a big sister this year and gave up your role as “baby” of our family.  This was a transition that your daddy and I were nervous about.  You LOVED (and still do) being with me and snuggling with me and having me hold you and helping me.  We were worried that you would resent Rives when he arrived because he would take up so much of my time.  We were silly for worrying!  You have been amazing with Rives!  You always want to hold him and kiss/hug him.  You will drop what you are doing if he is crying and talk to him and try to make him happy.  You are so loving with him and have never shown a second of jealousy.  He is so lucky to have you (and Nora) because he is so loved!

You are very active and have a difficult time sitting for too long.  Your max television watching time is about 30 minutes.  Your sister could sit FOR HOURS and watch ANYTHING.  You, my dear, need some variety.  If asked what you would like to watch, you usually choose Dora or Strawberry Shortcake or My Little Pony but that is it.  Nothing over 25 minutes. If a second episode comes on, well, that’s too much.

You are in gymnastics again this year and are so strong!  I am amazed at what your little body can do!  You seem to really love it and move non-stop when we are there.  You tell me that you want to do dance too but you had to choose one and, this year, chose gymnastics.  It might change next year.

When we are home together you can most of the time be found directly beside me.   Directly. Beside. Me.  And I love that you think I’m the best, but I gotta be honest with you kiddo, it wears me out!  I feel bad when I hear myself saying, “Hey, Elyn, why don’t you go play with Nora OR why don’t you go to the playroom OR why don’t you head outside and play?”  Most times those requests are greeted with a “no” and a smile.  What can I do?  Hang out with you, I guess.

For the past few months I have been SO looking forward to you turning four.  I was so ready for life to get a little easier with you…you know, because it gets easier when kids turn four.  You must have not read the same books I have been reading because life has not gotten any easier now that you are four.  If anything, it has gotten much more difficult.  And I am about to pull my hair out.  Just a little over 300 days until you turn five…maybe that’s your magic number.

Getting dressed in the mornings is always a special struggle.  Every single morning (EVERY SINGLE MORNING) is a battle.  We pick out your clothes the night before and commit to an outfit.  95% of the time you wake up and have a change of heart.  Our rule is that once the outfit is chosen it is THE outfit you will wear the next day.  We do not have time in the mornings to stand in front of a mirror debating over tops and bottoms, if you want to do that, you need to get up much earlier.  I cannot count the number of times your daddy and I have almost carried you out to the car in your pajamas.  Right before we do you decide you will wear the chosen clothes.  I wonder which day it will be when we actually do have to put you in the car in your pj’s.-that should be a fun ride to school.

I am EXHAUSTED at the end of the day and I think that the main reason for my exhaustion is you.  But I know that at the end of the day I have given you my all and have enjoyed my time with you (most of my time with you-ha!).  My heart is so full of love for you!  You are so funny!  You make me laugh all the time.  You have a very quick sense of humor and enjoy when we laugh at your little jokes.  And smart…I cannot believe the things that you already know. You take in everything Nora is learning in kindergarten and already starting to retain some of the things she is learning.  Your kindergarten teacher is going to think we are awesome parents…little will she know that it is ALL you.

We love you Elyn!  Thank you for making this life so full and colorful!  You are our favorite four year old!

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Holly Aytes said...

Happy 4th Birthday Elyn! Dallas, I can relate with the child wanting to be right beside you...that is Madison! If I do manage to get out of the house w/o her it is after numerous hugs and kisses and some clinging. It wears me out! LOL I hope it gets easier for you.

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