Thursday, November 17, 2011

1/2 way

This happened today:

And it makes me so sad. Half way to one year. Sigh. Is he not the most adorable baby you have ever seen? I KNOW!!!!!!! You probably thought your own kids were cute until you saw him (oh, I kid....). And sweet too...he has conned some pretty fierce frowny faces into grins with his bashful expressions. I literally want to eat him up!

Look at far he has come.....and how much cuter he has gotten. I wrote on Facebook that if he keeps up this pace as far as developing cuteness, we are not going to be able to handle it when he turns 1.

He is such a ray of sunshine! My sweet, sweet boy. I didn't know he was missing from my life until, exactly 6 months ago, he entered it.

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Holly Aytes said...

He is adorable! I am glad to see he hasn't lost his hair...I love his head of dark hair!

Deborah said...

He is so, SOOOOOO cute!!!!

~aj~ said...

He is so precious, Dallas!

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