Friday, January 27, 2012

35 years

I turned 35 today.  Wow, I just keep getting older and older…crazy how that works-ha!

The one thing that kept running through my head today was:when Rives turns 35, I will be almost 70.  Yikes!  Halfway to the nursing home, I guess.

It was a great day!  Last night, Matthew and I kept our New Years Resolution, part 1 of 12, by going on a date.  We went to see Extremely Loud and Incredible Close.  I read the book a few months ago and have been excited about the movie coming out.  It did not disappoint either.  Well, that’s a lie.  I was disappointed that some of the details were skewed but basically, the beginning and end were the same…kind of.

Really, the movie wasn’t as important as the date.  I just love, love spending time alone with Matthew.  I wish we could do it WAY more often.  In 18 years, we will get a lot of time together, one-on-one.  Until that time, once a month will have to do.


We woke up this morning and began the typical “get ready while running around 100 miles an hour”…I’m sure you can all relate.  I had committed a sin last night and did not fix lunches.  So, when I commit such a sin, I am punished.  Punished by the chaos that is happening around me…I bring it on myself.  This morning it was a bit more chaotic because Nora was crying, “I didn’t make you a card and we didn’t get you a present!!!!!!”  No matter how often we told her to CALM DOWN RIGHT NOW, she continued to remind me that I had been forgotten.  I was starting to believe that I was about to wrap a bow on last nights date and call that my present.  Amid the crying, peanut butter flying around on knives and breakfast being thrown at children, I was surprised with three gift bags.

I had mentioned once or forty times that I really wanted a set of rings with all three of our kids names on them…


The chaos slowed down for a few seconds while I opened my present and cried all over them.  (And Nora said, “Oh, yeah, I remember those…we DID get you a present.”  Ha ha!  Silly girl.)  How perfect is this present!?!?  That husband of mine, he is a good man!

And yes, my hands are also 35 years old.  Wow.

After the school bus (me) dropped everyone off at school I met a good friend at Starbucks for a deliciously sweet coffee.  Such a nice morning!

Rives and I hung out together for the rest of the day and enjoyed doing a lot of nothing.

After the school bus (me) picked everyone up we headed home.  It has been a long week for Nora!


Doesn’t your whole body just hurt watching her sleep that way!

We went our to dinner, to a restaurant we had never been to before but one that is local to our area.  It was delish and the kids were all really good!


I got a free dessert, because I am exceptionally old.  But I didn’t eat very much of it because I had this waiting for me at home:


Check out the flame on this thing:


It’s a wonder the smoke alarms didn’t go off.

After the kids went to bed Matthew and I watched Midnight in Paris.  I love to watch the movies nominated for a best picture Oscar before the Oscars.  So far we have seen: Midnight in Paris, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, The Help and Moneyball.  We still have 5 more to see.  I’m sure we won’t see them all before the Oscars happen, but I hope to see them all before next year.

It was a great day.  I am so thankful that I was able to spend most of it with my family!  I am amazed at how Facebook makes a birthday seem so special….thank you to anyone who wished me a happy birthday on FB!  I love you!

Okay, I better get to bed.  I’m a whole year older now…granny needs her sleep!


Melody said...

Glad you had such a great birthday and love your new rings

Kimberley said...

sounds like a great birthday! love the rings!

TeamBortzfield said...

glad you had a happy day. I saw EL&IC on Thursday when Chloe was in preschool (dontyoujudgeme) and I hated it...then I loved it... then I hated it again for bombarding and confusing my emotions. Ugly cry alone at the movies with strangers. Well I'm glad you liked it. Cheers to many more. I hope you liked my HB wish on FB the best. Sorry for the abbreviations

April said...

I forgot we have the same birthday! No wonder I love reading your blog so much :) Looks like you had the prefect day. I love your rings!

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