Monday, January 02, 2012

Is it okay to knock him down?

Rives is 7.5 months old! I KNOW!!!!!!! How did that happen? I cannot believe he is going to be ONE this year!!! Excuse me while I go weep... Ok, I'm back. Rives has been pretty active lately (insert cute picture):

He has been sitting for quite a while (Although, who knows how long because I couldn't get it together to write it down in my blog and we all know I don't keep a baby book...beating myself up over it!). He has recently started crawling backwards (army crawl) and would find himself trapped under furniture which led to a piercing cry like his legs were being cut off. Well, tonight he decided to go from tummy to all fours to sitting-ALL BY HIMSELF!!!!!!! I have it on video but am not smart enough to figure out how to upload it from my iPad. We are going to start baby proofing things around here PRONTO! And if he makes it to the age of one without chocking on a Barbie accessory, I will consider it a small miracle! Dallas

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