Thursday, January 19, 2012

Long nights

My sweet boy has been sick.  He cried on and off all night.  I never went into his room because he would only cry for about 10 seconds every hour or two.

He woke up at 6am, so I nursed him and put him back to bed.  I fed him in the dark and kept my eyes closed for the majority of the feeding.  I was basically asleep-ha!

He went back to sleep until 7:45am.  When I got him up I noticed that he had little red bumps all over his face.  And he was crying.  Poor baby!  I took his temp and it was 101.

I am NOT a panicky mom and remain pretty calm (most of the time).  So, I did not panic.  I figured it was just a virus.  Of course, the nurse asks me if he had been exposed to chicken pox when I called to make an appointment for Rives to see our doctor.  Was that necessary?  (Not chicken pox, btw)

Turns out he has a virus and an ear infection.  I had no idea that his ear was even bothering him.  Hmmmmmm, I felt like mother of the year.  We’re really hoping that the $40 prescription will clear up the ear infection quickly and Rives can get back to his happy self.

When we got back from the doctors office, it was GORGEOUS outside.  Poor Elyn had been cooped up in the house with me and her fussy brother all day, so we got out of the van and started playing in the front yard, we didn’t even take our stuff inside.  She was so happy!

Eventually, I did go inside to get Rives exersaucer, so he play.


We are praying that Rives sleeps better tonight and that he starts feeling better soon.  I hate it when one of my kids doesn’t feel good!

On the upside to Rives not feeling well and both girls getting up at 6:30, all 3 kids were in bed by 7:00!  And asleep by 7:01.  We love early nights at this house.

The weather is so unusual!  I am a little sad that we are not having a winter.  I adore a snow day and want the girls to experience a fun day sledding and making snow people and having snow ball fights.  But I’m also a little concerned about how many bugs are going to be around this summer.  yea.

I am really enjoying the extra play days outside though!

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Holly Aytes said...

So sorry Rives is not feeling well :( Sick babies are so pitiful! My son breaks on in a rash/hives whenever he gets a viral infection. It is really strange. Hope your little guy is feeling better soon!

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