Monday, January 30, 2012

Snow? Snow? Snow? Snow?

Three years ago this week:


Historical ice storm

Two years ago this week:


Lots of snow…lots of fun

Last year this week:


Record snowfalls, record low temps

This year, this week:



Have I been enjoying the unusually warm weather?  Yes.  Is it nice to go outside and play after the girls get home from school?  Yes.  Have I enjoyed not worrying about bundling everyone up each time we step outside of our house?  Yes.

Do I miss winter?  ABSOLUTELY!

Y’all, while it has been nice to enjoy the spring-like weather, I am READY FOR SOME SNOW!!!!!  We are READY for some snow at this house!  All three kids are prepared, clothing wise, to go out and play in the snow.  Matthew got the girls a new sled this year, one they can both ride on.  We had our trees trimmed in our yard in preparation for an ice storm, for goodness sake!  We are itching for a snow day (not 11 mind you, just one or two).  We have snow day appointed home improvement projects, ready to tackle.  I have pins on Pinterest specifically designated for snow day crafts and cooking projects.

I am ready to wake up, see our yard completely coated with a blanket of snow, for the news to be running the ticker on the bottom of the screen telling us which schools/businesses are closed for the day.  I am ready to have a pot of soup on the stove top and hot chocolate ready for my little eskimos when they come in from playing in the snow.  I am ready for a day where all of us have no where to be and nothing to do.

I think that is what I miss most of all.  Snow days force us to stop, slow way down, spend time in our homes with our families.  I am ready for one of those days!

And my body also thinks that it is March.  My allergies are acting up, I can hardly breathe.  I miss winter.


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