Wednesday, February 29, 2012


February has been a big month for us!  The first big thing that happened this month was Rives figuring out how to crawl!!!!!  On February 2, it finally clicked and there has been absolutely no slowing him down since then.  Here are two videos of him crawling on that first day.

Rives is now crawling EVERY WHERE at a super fast speed…nothing is safe around him-ha!  He has caused us to really step up our baby proofing.  No matter what we have baby proofed though, Rives will find the ONE THING that hasn’t been baby proofed and make a beeline towards it.  I’m bound to lose some weight keeping up with him.  He has been trying to pull up on things.  He makes it to one knee and one foot, kind of like a football stance…”Tebowing”.

I’m sure walking will happen much too quickly for my liking…but until then, it sure is cute to see his little bottom wiggle all over the house.

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