Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My little kindergarten all-star

Kindergarten is so fun!  I love how Nora gets so excited about the little things….she gets to go to the treasure chest during Spanish class or she gets to go to the AR store and get a prize.  She loves when her class gets a special award (the golden plate award, given to the quietest class in the cafeteria…brilliant!) or she gets called to the front of assembly during rise and shine.

A few weeks ago she came home, so excited, because she was chosen as a “Terrific Kid”.  I am positive all kids are chosen as a Terrific Kid (when I taught, they were) but she was thrilled that she was singled out.


She kept reminding me that she was “only” a Terrific Kid for a week.  I would laugh and tell her that she is ALWAYS terrific.  She would argue with me-No! I’m only terrific for a week.  Hahahahaha!

Her second special thing that has happened recently was that she was in a program at school.  She was chosen to be an ambassador for her class for this semester.  An ambassador is a friend to new students in the class, helps kids out if they need something…basically, be a nice person.  All the ambassadors for this semester were in a Black History Month program.  She has a pretty big job…the pledge.  She was cute when she would practice her part.  I have it on video, but I actually used our video camera instead of my phone and I am not quite sure how to transfer to the computer.

Here she is after the program, with her friend, John David.  He was Langston Hughes.


Aren’t they precious!

My little kindergartener, the all-star.  Of course, if she hadn’t been Terrific Kid or been in a program, I would still consider her an all-star.  It’s a mom thing.

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TeamBortzfield said...

OMG Langston Hughes and Fancy Nancy...Racial Equality for all!

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