Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Nora was sick

The month of February has been a month of sickness for the Henderson’s-blah!  It has been a month of copays and prescription bills.  Awesome.

Matthew mentioned this month that we could totally have a fourth kid (through fostering or adopting)…I looked at him, after a fifth or sixth visit to the dr’s office, and said, “Do you know how much money we have spent on medical bills this month?  Let’s wait until June or July to have this conversation.”  Ha ha!

Nora was sick first…she threw up on the way to school one morning (with absolutely no warning-ugh) so she got to come back home with me and Rives for the day.  It was nice to have some one on one time with my big girl!

Because she was sick, we had to miss a few events.  It was sad for us all.  The first thing she missed was Gibson’s birthday party.  Gibson is 6!


The second thing we missed was the Super Bowl party with our small group.  Here we are celebrating, at home.  Matthew and Elyn went on to the party.


I don’t think this is a “sick” picture, just a “I don’t like dinner” picture.  Either way, she looks pitiful-ha!


About a week later, she woke up saying her ear hurt.  Great.  Rives had an ear infection, Elyn had just finished an antibiotic for one and I wanted nip this in the bud before it got too bad.  She did not have a fever but I didn’t know if it could have developed the week before when she was sick.  I loaded everyone up and headed to an urgent care facility.  We got right in to see the dr and the dr said Nora just had fluid on her ears.  She also did not have a fever.  I put all three back in the van, dropped Elyn off at school and dropped Nora off at school.  I went straight home, fed Rives his breakfast and lay him down for his morning nap…20 minutes later I got a call from the nurse to come pick up Nora.  I explained that we had already been to the dr and had been declared healthy.  Didn’t matter.  Come get her.  Now, I never want Nora to be hurting at school or in any pain but I was a teeny bit annoyed that I was having to pick her up for a temp of 99.2.  Seriously??????


Ah well, we made the most of the day and headed to Firestone Subs for lunch.  Nora made sure Rives got his fireman hat too…such a good big sister!


I think they really enjoyed their time together while Nora was sick.  My big and my little.


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