Wednesday, February 29, 2012


During the week that Nora had off of school for her February break, we decided to take a quick trip to Texas.  We left on a Thursday and came back on Monday.  And by “we”, I mean me and the three kiddos.  Matthew still had to work-boo!


The trip to Texas was great!  The girls did a great job and I don’t think had a single argument and Rives was a champion traveler too.  It was a 7 hour trip and I was nervous about making the trip on my own, but my three little companions made the trip enjoyable.

We made a stop at Chick fil A and Rives had a good time in the toddler area.  Again, I wanted to boil him after he crawled all over the floor.  Ick!


The first full day were in Texas was his 9 month birthday.


If you read ahead you know that I was sick in February too.  I had a horrible cough and had hardly any rest the whole time we were in Texas.  Rives and I shared a room and, although he slept like a champ, I coughed all night and was so worried about waking him.

Anyway, there is no rest for the weary, especially on vacation.  Friday afternoon, my mom took the girls to see a movie and Rives and I went to eat lunch with my sister.  But first, we went up to the school she teaches at.  Here we are, ready for the bell to ring so we can go eat…look at that precious smile


Rives and Aunt Marty…


I met up with my mom and the girls and we headed over to the assisted living home that my grandmother lives at…


Rives is loving my great aunts dog…maybe one day you’ll get a dog, buddy.


Elyn modeling a new outfit she picked out at Target…


On Saturday, we headed over to my cousins house.  Her little boy turned three and we got to be there for his party!  She is due with her third son in April and I can’t wait for her to join the land of three kids.  The food was AMAZING….Julie did it all herself.

Aunt Marty feeding Rives…he did her a favor by putting some of the bananas on her sweater-ha!


Rives trying to steal food off of Bristol and Berkley’s trays.


Bristol and Berkeley are my cousin’s, Jill, twin girls.  They are going to be big sisters to a brother in July!  Yea, two girls and a boy….just like us (that’s what Nora and Elyn say).


Saturday night we went to eat dinner at Pappadeaux.  Since Mardi Gras was the following Tuesday they had a ton of entertainment.


I have no photos from Sunday…I know we went to church and to eat but I couldn’t tell you what we did that night….hmmmm, I have so few brain cells left it’s amazing I remember anything.

We left bright and early (ok, as soon as I had the car packed) Monday morning.  Once again, the kids were great!  It really was enjoyable!  I hope that they are as good on a LONG trip we are taking over spring break.

We stopped again, at another Chick fil A and once again, I wanted to boil Rives.


When we walked in the house after our long trip, Matthew was cooking dinner, the house was spotless and he had flowers for the girls.  LOVE HIM!


It was a nice trip and good to see so much family!

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