Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Valentine’s activities

Valentine’s was the holiday that wouldn’t quit around here.  Good thing we love hearts and candy.

Thanks to the Pinterest I decided to make our Valentine’s this year…pinterest is dead to me now.  I thought, hey, this will be easy, we have a ton of extra crayons and this will be super duper cheap.

Yes, super duper cheap and no to easy.  You may or may not lose fingernails in the process.

I enlisted the help of Matthew who was ready to stab me in the eyeball after we were done.  Unwrapping the crayons was a beating.  (FYI-removing the paper from Crayola brand crayons is like trying to remove the color from coins…impossible.  Well played Crayola.)


Then you ruin a cutting mat chopping the crayons into teeny tiny pieces.


See how this pile is neat and contained?  Just so you know, if you make a wrong move, this nice, neat pile could end up all over your floor and you will be walking on crayon bits for a few days after.


Put the shards of crayon in a muffin “tin” and melt them in your oven.  Prepare to have your house smell a bit of melted plastic.


The final product was very pretty, I thought.


The girls packaged them up to give to their classmates (this one was one they gave to their friends in our small group).


I made the girls these shirts.  These are the ONLY shirts they wore for ALL Valentine’s festivities….the rest of this post is NOT on the same day.  Don’t let the exact same outfits confuse you.


I am the room mother for Nora’s class.  Yes, I know what you are thinking…has she lost her mind?  Yes, I have.  I ask myself that same question every single class party, as I am lugging my younger children to the party with my 20 pounds of supplies.  ah, hindsight.

One of the first games they played was to pick up conversation hearts with chopsticks.  They seemed to like it and it took up quite a big of time-WIN!


The next game they played was stacking conversation hearts.  Again, took time and was a hit-win again!


The girls enjoyed the game so much that they wanted to play it again when we get home…I guess an advantage of having a room mother as a mom-WIN-ha!

After Nora got sick, I got sick.  And stubborn.  Always a winning combo.  I didn’t go to the dr because I knew the smoker cough that I had would eventually go away…it did.  After many, many sleepless nights.

My sweet husband brought me these flowers as a get well note and a Valentine’s present.  He’s a winner!


The table set for Valentine’s morning:




My three little love bugs (Day 2 of shirts)


For the actual day of Valentine’s Day Nora was out of school for her February break.  We went to Bible study and then took Matthew some donuts at his school.  The night was pretty relaxed.  It was a normal, good day.  We had heart shaped fruit with our dinner:


That night, after the kids went to bed Matthew and I went crazy.  He graded papers, I got into my comfy pj pants and we watched Biggest Loser…we really know how to live it up….and that is exactly how I wanted to spend my evening.


The next day was our final Valentine’s activity (Day 3 of shirts)…Elyn’s field trip.  Her actual field trip day was canceled due to snow…the ONLY snow all winter.  So, it was rescheduled to the day after V-Day.  Since Nora was on break at school, she got to go too!

Here are the girls with their friend, Hadlee.


This is Jack Walker, Nora and Jack Walker were in school together last year and she still loves him.


Elyn at her party…refusing to look at the camera:


Rives, crawling everywhere!  I wanted to boil him when we got home because of all the germs he more than likely picked up.


Oh, there are her eyes…sweet little Valentine eating her cupcake.


It was a great holiday and we were all glad to retire the heart shirts for a few weeks…Rives seemed to enjoy his first Valentine’s day!

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