Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Winter weather

Well, it was an unusual winter around here…as it was for the rest of the lower 48.  BUT we did get one snow day…ONE SNOW DAY.  Hey, at least we got one.

We woke up later…7:00am and got to watch the snow fall for about 10 minutes.  Thankfully, enough snow fell so that the girls could enjoy sledding and playing in the snow.


Rives was a little under the weather (the February of sickness continued), so we stayed indoors most of the snowy day.

Gibson got to come over and spend the day with us so that made it even more fun!


Hit the fence a little too hard…


Snow jumping!


After the cold weather fun, they came in and we made some cupcakes!


We also had some snow ice cream!!!!


It was a great day and I am so, so glad that we had a snow day this year!

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