Thursday, March 01, 2012

The Birthday Party!

Like I mentioned in my last post, Nora has been planning for her birthday party for a LOOOOOOONG time.  She even had a box that she put together shortly after Elyn’s birthday (in October) filled with ideas.  She made multiple invitation lists, several cake drafts and continued to add to the party plan.  I am afraid that we did not meet her expectations…she continues to remind me of things we forgot to do…I have got to do a better job planning, take after my girl.

One of the pendants I made…not exactly like Tangled’s but close enough.


One of the invitations that Nora made.  She drew a scene from the movie on each one and then we ran it though the printer with the info on the other side.  She added stickers for each person it was to go to.  I love the handmade look and she really took a lot of time on the invitations.


This is the final draft of her cake design…as you can see, she gave it a TON of thought!  That’s Rapunzel and Eugene on top of the tiered cake, Max, the horse, is at the bottom.  She loves a tiered cake!


My mom and stepfather sent her this outfit for her birthday present…we are VERY into Tangled around here-ha!


Some of our decorations for the party.  Matthew drew them (with some help of an overhead projector) and I colored them (with a little help of an artist friend of ours).


Nora LOVED them!


One of her major, long term requests was for all the party guests to play “pin the tail on Paschal”.  She was serious about this game and was very worried that I didn’t have it finished 2 weeks before the party.


Cookies that a local GENIUS did for the party.  These were the party favors.


The rest of the pictures are a combo of pictures from my camera and our friend, Michael’s, phone.  My camera battery died-awesome.

Some of the kiddos getting some instructions before going crazy.


The birthday girl!


Some of the other party guests having a ball…

IMG_0013IMG_0018IMG_0020IMG_0025IMG_0027Nora's Birthday 009Nora's Birthday 014Nora's Birthday 024

After all the jumping and tumbling, we went back to the party room for games (duh, Pin the Tail on Paschal) and cake and presents.

Playing the game…trust me.

Nora's Birthday 028

Waiting their turn…

Nora's Birthday 030

THE CAKE!!!!!!!  And that’s the best picture I got.  I am no longer in the running for Mother of the Year.  I was almost identical to the picture!

Nora's Birthday 032IMG_3915

I also got no pictures of the decorations…I stink.

Opening presents was a bit chaotic…like all parties, I assume.  I am ready to have ZERO presents at future parties.  Sigh.

Nora's Birthday 035

See Elyn?  That is where she wanted to be every single second.  She was determined that it was her party too, it almost did me in.

Nora's Birthday 041

It was a pretty good party.  Nora said it was fun, that’s all that matters!  I’m sure she’ll start planning the next one in just a few weeks-ha!

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TeamBortzfield said...

what a beautiful theme, great job Henderson's. I love the overhead projector idea and the cake was beautiful, you made this?? There was a little hair in it!

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