Monday, March 05, 2012


Just when I thought we were all getting well, Rives goes and gets Hand Foot and Mouth Disease.  Ugh!

I think he got it at a local activity center.  The activity center has a workout room and a track and seemed like a great place for me to FINALLY start getting rid of this durn baby weight.  AND childcare was included in our yearly fee.  (We have to have a family membership for fall and spring soccer for the girls….it’s super cheap and a good deal.)

You know they say you get what you pay for….

Tacky, tacky, tacky…that was unnecessary.

After Rives contracted the disease I called the activity center to let them know about it (I know, really thoughtful of me, right!) and suggest that they clean their toys earlier in the day instead of after childcare closed.  The lady on the phone told me that they only wash the toys and clean the room ONCE A WEEK!!!!!!!  What?!?!?!?!  That doesn’t quite seem like enough to me.  Seems like the kids might get something like HAND FOOT AND MOUTH DISEASE.

Ah well, it’s over (well, almost over)…here are some pictures of my poor baby boy:

I took this one on Wednesday of last week…some small red bumps popped up on his knees and thighs (on both sides).  I didn’t think much of it, just thought maybe he was having a reaction to crawling around outside.


The next day, Thursday, my suspicions were confirmed when he had the red bumps on his hands, feet and his mouth…sweet sleeping baby boy:


So sad!  The bottom of his feet had the bumps too.


His palms had the bumps too.


It’s hard to tell but his mouth had little blister all over them.


I took a picture of his bottom too that I will spare the internet…but he had the WORST DIAPER RASH I have ever seen.  Thankfully, it didn’t seem to bother him too much.  I mean, it hurt when we had to clean up a dirty diaper but he sure didn’t let it slow him down!

This is his leg and foot on Friday…still very red and he had a few white blisters on his feet and hands and still a few on his mouth.


His blisters have started to scab over and this is what his foot looks like today…poor boy!


His appetite was never affected, thankfully!  And, really, considering how terrible the blisters looked, it didn’t affect his attitude or spirit.  He got up a few times at night and didn’t sleep quite as much, but overall, he was great!



We’re all happy he is on the road to recovery!!!!!!!!!  And after I have a little chat with the activity center, the toys will be cleaned a little more frequently.


Kristen OQ said...

All three of my boys got that around that same age -- from the church nursery! I remember when Sam got it, I got him up one morning and thought he had ants in his bed. (they looked like fireant bites) I stripped his bed and then the doctor said it was hand, foot, mouth. Live and learn! Glad he is on the mend!

TeamBortzfield said...

NOOOO! (read that in slow motion)

Sara said...

Bless his heart. That looks terrible. Both of my kids have had that too, but never that bad. I'd take pictures to show the activity director of what he looked like and maybe they'll reconsider cleaning the toys more often!!! Glad he is on the mend!

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